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Pro Wrestling This Week




Preview of Bash '87 tour

Interview- Midnight Express & Jim Cornette (NWA)

Rock n Roll Express vs. David Isley & John Savage (NWA)

Interview- Curt Hennig & Larry Zbyszko

Jimmy Snuka vs. jobber (AWA)

PWI editorial with Bill Apter

WWF Ring Report

Joe Pedicino interview's Danny Davis

Tom Pritchard& Mike Golden vs. Bob & Scott Armstrong (Continental)

Interview- Scott Armstrong (Continental)

Andre Poffo vs. Tony Morelli (Mat Classic 1955)

Rock n Roll RPM's vs. Steve and Shaun Simpson (WCCW)

Gary Hart's Viewpoint- Al Perez

Bill Dundee vs. Paul Diamond (Memphis)

Sound off with Bonnie Blackstone

Rip Rogers vs. DJ Peterson- lumberjack match (Central States)

Bad News Allen vs. Beef Wellington (Stampede)

Terry Taylor& Eddie Gilbert vs. Dave Haskins & Steve Cox- Sting attacks and ring fills with wrestlers (UWF)

Carlos Colon vs. Jason the Terrible (WWC)

Interview- Wendy Richter

Wrestler of the Week- Bill Dundee


Interview- Ric Flair (NWA)

Midnight Express vs. Gary Royal & Trent Knight (NWA)

Video- Upcoming look at Wild West Wrestling

Kevin Kelly $10,000 arm wrestling challenge (AWA)

Interview- Curt Hennig and Larry Zbyszko (AWA)

Dutch Mantell vs. Wendel Cooley (Bullwhip on a pole match- Continental)

Lightning Express vs. Shaska Whatley & Enforcer #2 (UWF)

Sound off with Bonnie Blackstone

Rip Oliver vs. Mike Miller (Portland)

Brian Adias vs. Al Madril (WCCW)

Interview- Al Madril

Rock n Roll RPM's& Ted Arcidi vs. Matt Borne/Spoiler/Tony Atlas (WCCW)

Bill Dundee & Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Eric & Thunderbird (Memphis)

Warlord & Porkchop Cash vs. Bobby Jaggers & Bart Batten (Central States)

PWI with Bill Apter- Linda Dallas

WWF Ring Report

Interview- Jesse Ventura

Hardboiled Haggerty vs. Mike Valentino (Mat Classic- 1953)

Owen Hart vs. Ron Starr (Stampede)

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Sabu(different guy) (Bloodbath-WWC)

Wrestler of the Week- Owen Hart


Doug Furnas sets world Power lifting record (over 900 lbs.)

The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) vs. Jonathon Boyd (Continental)

Interview- Jesse Ventura

Invader #3 & Wendi Richter vs. The Assassin & Monster Ripper (WWC)

Bill Apter Interviews Lou Albano

Bruiser Brody& Jules Strongbow vs, Damian Kane & D.C. Drake (Cage Match-NWF New Jersey)

Freebirds (Hayes& Roberts) vs. Ivan Koloff & Paul Jones (NWA)

Iceman Parsons vs. Ray Evans (Wild West)

Ox Baker/Rip Rogers Confrontation (Central States)

Bill Dundee & Rocky Johnson vs. Rooster Cogburn & Keith Robertson (Memphis)

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Mike Tolos (AWA)

Black Bart vs. Sting (UWF)

Fishman & Jose Lothario vs. Perro Aguayo & Giant Alaskan (WWA/Mexico)

Rip Oliver vs. Mike Miller (Portland)

Fantastics vs. Frankie Lancaster & Eric Embry (WCCW)

Don Arnold vs. Tarzan Torvelle (Mat Classic from 1953)

Wrestler of the Week: Doug Furnas



John Tatum & Jack Victory vs. Missing Link & Savannah Jack (Wild West)

Midnight Express vs. RnR Express (NWA)

Rip Rogers attacks Ox Baker (Central States)

Doug Furnas vs. The Menace (Continental)

Wendell Cooley vs. Akio Sato (Continental)

Soldat Ustinov vs. Sonny Rogers (AWA)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

The Clones vs. Dave Johnson & Ed Maddox (Memphis)

PWI editorial with Bill Apter

Lou Albano/Paul E. confrontation

Steve Williams vs. Big Bubba- Williams wins UWF Title (UWF)

Rock n Roll RPM's vs. Matt Borne & Spoiler (WCCW)

Patrick Frehley vs. Bombs Away Culcovich (Mat Classic 1952)

Music Video- Bam Bam Bigelow

Interview- Jesse Ventura

Kortsia Korchenko vs. Ricky Fujiki (WWC)

Interview- Carlos Colon (WWC)

Wrestler of the Week- Steve Williams


Kevin Von Erich vs. Brian Adias (WCCW)

NWA/UWF Ring Report

Manny Fernandez vs. Jimmy Garvin (NWA)

Interviews-George Barnes/Rocky Johnson/Bill Dundee (Memphis)

Music Video of 50's wrestling (Mat Classic)

Nightmares award presentation -Fuller and Golden attack (Continental)

Nightmares/Golden& Fuller brawl after a match (Continental)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

Wahoo McDaniel returns to the AWA

Lightning Express vs. Terminator & Gary Young (UWF)

Bruce Hart/Owen Hart/Brian Pillman vs. Ron Starr/Kerry Brown/Duke Myers (Stampede)

John Tatum/Jack Victory/Eli the Eliminator vs. Missing Link/Soloman Grundy/Savannah Jack (Wild West)

Danger Zone with Paul E.

PWI editorial with Bill Apter

Art Crews vs. Billy Two Eagles (Portland)

Victor Jovica& Pepe Gomez vs. Inferno #1 & Cowboy Lang (WWC)

WWF Ring Report

Wendy Richter vs. Heidi Lee Morgan- Cage (NWF New Jersey)

Wrestler of the Week- Stu Hart


Barry Windham vs. Dick Murdoch (UWF)

Tommy Rich vs. Kevin Kelly (Nailz) (AWA)

Danger Zone debut- Mitch Snow Interview (AWA)

Missing Link/Bill Irwin/La Serenita vs. John Tatum/Jack Victory/Gato Vera (Wild West)

Announcement of Rick Rude joining WWF

Mike Miller vs. Super Ninja ($10,000 Bounty placed on Rip Oliver, Portland)

Memphis Southern Tag Title Music Video w/Jarrett, Travis,Moondogs, Dundee, Rocky Johnson, Tanaka, Diamons, Nasty Boys, Keirn & Hall

Paul Diamond& Pat Tanaka vs. Billy Joe Travis & Jeff Jarrett (Memphis Tag Title Finals, Title Change)

Dutch Mantell vs. Mr. Olympia (Southeastern)

Al Perez vs. Tony Atlas (WCCW)

Rip Rogers vs. Ox Baker (Central States Title Match, Bobby Jaggers runs in)

Bill Apter PWI Report & Bam Bam Bigelow Scout Report

Antonio Leone& Tony Morelli vs. Garabaldi Brothers(Mat Classic- 1958)

Sean Royal vs. Rocky King (NWA)

Tag Champs Chris& Mark Youngblood vs. TNT & Mr. Pogo (WWC)

Tatsumi Fujinami vs. White Panther (NJPW)

Fabulous Moolah vs. Sherri Martel (WWF Women's Title Change)


Original Midnight Express vs. Steve O. & Sonny Rogers (AWA)

NWA Ring Report

Sound off with Bonnie Blackstone

The Bullet(Bob Armstrong) vs. Jonathan Boyd (Lumberjack Match- Continental)

Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah (Central States)

Jeff Jarrett& Billy Travis vs. Keith Eric & ? (Memphis)

PWI Top 10

PWI Editorial-Bill Apter

John Tatum & Jack Victory vs. Bob Durell & Dave Hamilton- Link& Irwin interfere (Wild West)

Interview- Jesse Ventura at the UWF training center

Garibaldi's vs. Tony Leone & Tony Morelli (Mat Classic-1958)

Danger Zone w/Paul E.- Boris Zhukov

WWF Ring Report

Carlos Colon vs. TNT (WWC)

Interview- Kareem Mohammed (WWC)

1987 WFIA Convention highlights

Rock n Roll RPM's& Matt Borne vs. Ted Arcidi/Len Denton/Killer Brooks (WCCW)

Art Crews vs. Art Barr (Portland)

Steve Strong vs. Ivan Lavradoux - David Shults makes his return (Montreal)

Wrestler of the Week- Gordon Solie (WTF?)


Bruiser Brody vs. Killer Brooks (WCCW)

WWF TV Report

Tom Prichard vs Scott Armstrong (Continental)

Rip Oliver & Super Ninja vs. Scott Peterson & Steve Doll (Portland)

Bill Apter PWI Report & Ban the Manager poll results

Paul Diamond vs. Mark Starr (Memphis)

Boris Zuhkov& Soldad Ustinov vs Wahoo McDaniel & DJ Peterson (AWA)

Danger Zone- Paul E. Dangerously Interviews himself

Ox Baker vs Rip Rogers (Russian torture match-Central States)

Tarzan White vs Mr. Moto (Mat Classic-1960)


Invader #3 vs El Gran Mendoza (WWC)

Wrestling Inquirer: w/Chickie Starr & Abdullah the Butcher

Sound Off

Debbie the Killer Tomato vs Spicey Williams (WWA/Mexico)

Las Serenita vs Gato Vera (Wild West)

Wrestler of the Week: Bob Giegel


Adrian Adonis vs. Jim Evans (AWA)

Tracy Smothers vs. Jim Robertson (Memphis)

Al Madril vs. Tony Falk (WCCW)

NWA/UWF Ring Report

Interview-Bruiser Brody

Pedro Ganoy vs. Jesse James (Mat Classic 1972)

PWI Editorial

Mike Miller vs. Joey Jackson (Portland)

Interview-Mike Miller (Portland)

WWF Ring Report

Dirty White Boy vs. Doug Furnas (Continental)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

Sheepherders vs. Los Pastorales (WWC)

Interview- Wendi Richter (WWC)

Iceman Parsons& Sherri Martel vs. Lance Von Erich & Candy Divine (Wild West)

Porkchop Cash vs. Rufus R. Jones- I quit match (Central States)

Interview- Curt Hennig (AWA)

Wrestler of the Week- Paul Orndorff


Nightmares Split up

Gordon announces the retirement of Paul Boesch

Danny Davis & Wendell Cooley vs. Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller

WWF Ring Report

Rip Oliver vs. Mike Miller (Portland)

Rock n Roll RPM's vs. Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis (Memphis)

PWI Editorial

Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah the Butcher (Central States)

Danger Zone

A look back at 50's wrestling

Joe Blanchard vs. The Great Bolo (Mat Classic- 1950)

NWA/UWF Ring Report

Kevin Von Erich vs. Brian Adias -Cage match (WCCW)

Mark & Chris Youngblood & Invader #1 vs. Rebel/Destroyer/Assassin (WWC)

Interview-Hercules Ayala (WWC)

Hercules Ayala vs. 2 jobbers (Montreal)

Nick Bockwinkel vs. Curt Henning (AWA)

Gordon interviews Wahoo McDaniel

Iceman Parsons vs. Lance Von Erich (Wild West)

Wrestler of the week- Kevin Von Erich


Iron Sheik vs. Sal Oliveres- Sheik's WCCW debut (WCCW)

Steve Ray vs. Steve Estes (Central States)- Central Stated is beyond dying

PWI Top 10

PWI editorial with Bill Apter

Wendy Richter vs. Peggy Lee Leather (POWW)

Interview-Elizabeth (WWF)

Paul Orndorff vs. Jobber (WWF)

The Grappler vs. Mike Miller (Portland)

Ron Richie vs. Goldie Rogers (Stampede)

Curt Hennig vs. Wahoo McDaniel (AWA)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

Tracy Smothers vs. Keith Eric (Memphis)- Bad Company interfere

Danger Zone

NWA/UWF Ring Report

Tom Pritchard& Scott Armstrong vs. The Moondogs (Continental)

Pritchard/Boyd confrontation (Continental)

Women's match from Japan (Mat Classic 1985)

Wrestler of the Week- Elizabeth (WTF?)



Steve Olsonowski vs. Kevin Kelly (AWA)

Bambi vs. Luna (POWW)

Al Madril vs. Iron Sheik (WCCW)

Jerry & Eddie Graham vs. "Argentina" Rocca & Miguel Perez (from 1953)

Starrcade 87 Report

Dirty Dutch Mantell vs. Eric Long (Continental)

Bill Apter's weekly column

Update: breaking news about the Survivor Series (WWF)

Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant (clips from Wrestlemania III)

Hulk Hogan saves Randy "Macho Man" Savage from the Honky Tonk Man and Hart Foundation (WWF)

Sheepherders vs. Carmendido Salgado & Keith Larson (Puerto Rico)

Paul E. Dangerously's "Danger Zone": Adrian Adonis puts a dress and lipstick on Tommy Rich (AWA)

"Mean" Mike Miller vs. The Grappler (Portland)

Brenda Britian vs. Benny Mitchell (Arm Wrestling-Central States)

Jerry Lawler& Rocky Johnson vs. Don Bass & Black Prince (Memphis)

Randy "Macho Man" Savage & Hulk Hogan shake hands

10/31/87 All Matches In Progress

Kevin Von Erich vs Brian Adidas (WCCW)

Joey Anderson& Lightfoot vs Batten Twins (Central States)

Kevin Kelly vs Jerry Blackwell (AWA)

Danger Zone with JT Southern

WWF’s Craig DeGeorge explains the Survivor Series lineup

Harley Race/Jim Duggan confrontation. Duel with chair/2x4. Duggan wins, puts Race’s crown and robe on, is “King for a Day”(WWF)

Sound off with Bonnie Blackstone

Mike Miller, Cocoa Samoa & Avalanche vs the Grappler, Moondog Moretti & Super Ninja (Portland)

Nasty Boys vs Rock n Roll RPMS (Memphis)

Bill Apter PWI Year End Award categories

Scaffold: El Gran Mendoza vs Hurricane Castillo Jr (WWC)

Robert Fuller& Jimmy Golden vs Avengers (one of the Avengers gets hurt, Danny Davis comes out and challenges Fuller & Golden, become handicap match. An Avenger returns and helps Davis – Avenger reveals himself as Wendell Cooley (Continental)

UWF/NWA Ring Report

Pat MaGill vs Mad Monty LeDux (1958 Mat Classic)

Terrorist vs Shannon O’Bryan (POWW)

Wrestler of the Week: Wendell Cooley



Dick Slater vs Mitch Snow (AWA)

UWF/NWA Ring Report

Robert Fuller& Jimmy Golden vs Danny Davis & Wendell Cooley (Continental)

Dirty White Boy vs Tom Prichard (Continental)

Don Lewin vs Crybaby Cory (1959 Mat Classic)

Tony Atlas vs Al Perez (WCCW)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

Lady Soul, Destiny & Hot Rod Andy vs Candi Devine & Bombshell Blondes (POWW)

Sam Houston vs Danny Davis (WWF)

Gene Okerlund interviews Jake Roberts (WWF)

Freezer Thompson& Ed Maddox vs Rock n Roll RPMS (Memphis)

Grappler vs Avalanche (Portland)

Danger Zone: Paul show CWA interview of Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler conducted by Lance Russell regarding the AWA Tag titles they hold

Rufus R Jones vs Earthquake Ferris—Lumberjack Match (Central States)

Carlos Colon& TNT vs Mr. Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki (WWC)

Bill Apter PWI Report

Beef Wellington& Chris Benoit vs. Jerry Morrow & Mahkan Singh (Stampede)

Wrestler of the Week: Rufus R. Jones


Matt Borne vs. Ted Arcidi (WCCW) (Taped Fist Match)

Alan West vs. Nick Kiniski(AWA)

Paul E. Dangerously Interview (AWA)

Jerry Lawler& Bill Dundee vs. Original Midnight Express -Title Change (AWA)

Moondog Moretti vs. Cocoa Samoa- I Quit Match (Portland)

Bob Geigel Interview (Central States)

Porkchop Cash& Ric McCord vs. Brad & Bart Batten (Central States)

Sandor Szabo vs. Roger Mackey (Mat Classic 1959)

Announcement of NWA Starrcade (NWA vs. UWF TV Titles)

Hector Guerrero tries to rid Lawler of his hair with a special "hair cream", Lawler grabs the bottle from Hector & Guerrero takes off (Memphis)

Youngblood's vs. Mr. Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki (WWC)

Tag Champs Hart Foundation vs. Strike Force -Title Change (WWF)

King Kong Bundy vs. Jobber (WWF)

Larry Hamilton vs. Lee Peek (Continental)

Queen Kong vs. Pocahontas (POWW)

Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman vs. Gilles & Jacques DeFauce (Stampede)

Wrestlers of the Week: Strike Force


Interview- Rockin Robin- Debbie Combs comes out (Wild West)

Tom Pritchard vs. Dirty White Boy (Continental)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

Soldat Ustinov vs. JT Southern (AWA)

Danger Zone- Paul E. explains how the OMX started

The Grappler vs. Mike Miller (Portland)

Tournament information with Jay French and Rick Stewart (Central States)

Rock and Roll Rebels vs. Prince Tapu & Russell Sapp (Central States)

Billy Graham gets attacked- Muraco saves (WWF)

Shandor Sabu vs. Roger Mackie (Mat Classic- 1959)

Eric Embry vs. Shaun Simpson- Texas stadium (WCCW)

PWI editorial with Bill Apter

Memphis Vice vs. Hector Guerrerro & Diablo (Memphis)

Carlos Colon vs. Kareem Mohammed (WWC)

Luna Vachon vs. Tiffany Crystal (POWW)

Wrestler of the Week- Don Muraco


Chris Adams vs. Al Perez (WCCW)

PWI editorial with Bill Apter

Jerry Lawler vs. Bobby Jaggers (Memphis)

WWF Ring Report

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Jobber (WWF)

Fabulous Kangaroos & Dr. Jerry Graham vs. Antonino Rocca/Miguel Perez/Ricky Starr (Mat Classic- 1957)

Tom Pritchard vs. Black Assassin- Jonathan Boyd interferes (Continental)

Hiro Hase vs. Great Gama (Stampede)

Medusa vs. Candi Divine (AWA)

PWTW Ratings

The Assassin vs. Joey Jackson (Portland)

Steve Doll & Scott Peterson vs. Moondog Moretti & Joey Jackson (Portland)

Queen Kong vs. Liberty (POWW)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

Rufus R. Jones& Porkchop Cash vs. Akio Sato & Rick Patterson (Central States)

Samoans vs. Invaders (WWC)

NWA/UWF Ring Report

Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich (Japan-1984)

Wrestler of the Week- Jerry Lawler


Wendi Richter vs. Debbie Combs (WWC Women's Title from Puerto Rico)

Owen Hart accepts PWI Rookie of the Year Award (from Calgary)

Harley Race vs. Klondike Bill (NWA Title Mat Classic from Calgary)

Scott Hall shuts Nate LaRant up (Memphis)

Scott Hall vs. Keith Eric (Memphis)

D.J. Peterson vs. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly (AWA)

Curt Hennig accepts PWI Most Improved Wrestler Award (AWA)

Paul E. Dangerously & Austin Idol interview (AWA)

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich vs. Randy Rose (SCW Georgia)

Danny Davis vs. Lord Humongous (Continental)

1987 Year in Review "Best Hits" Music Video (WWF)

Art Barr vs. Joey Jackson (Portland)

Yukon Moose Cholak vs. Black Saint (WWA Detroit)

Kevin Von Erich, Chris Adams, & Steve Simpson vs. Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts,& "Iceman" King Parsons (6 Man Tag Team Title from World Class)

Paul Boesch accepts the PWI Editors Award

Sound-Off with Bonnie Blackstone

New Spoiler vs. Bobby Durell (Wild West Wrestling)



Greg Gagne vs. Adrian Adonis -TV title tournament finals (AWA)

Bulldog Bob Brown vs. Dave Petersen (Central States)

Kerry Von Erich vs. Al Perez (WCCW- Cage match, Reunion Arena)

Craig DeGeorge gives the rundown of the first ever Royal Rumble (WWF)

Andre attacks Hulk Hogan on SNME (WWF)

Ted Dibiase offers to pay Andre to deliver him the WWF title (WWF)

Interview- Doug Furnas and Nightmare Danny Davis (Continental)

The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) vs. Gary Phelps (Continental)

Bill Apter PWI editorial

Dory Funk vs. Tony Atlas (WWC)

Karl Von Hess& Skull Murphy vs. Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez (Mat Classic 1950's)

PWTW Ratings

Rip Oliver vs. Bryan Adams (Portland)

NWA Ring report

Lance Russel tries to break a pinata from Hector Guerrerro -Hilarious (Memphis)

"Lance's revenge"- has Jarrett nail Hector with 5 pounds of flour (Memphis)

Dick Slater vs. Jerry Blackwell (SCW Georgia)

Danger Zone with Paul E.

"Sound Off" with Bonnie Blackstone

Owen Hart & Jason the Terrible vs. Makhan Singh & Bad News Allen (Stampede)

Antonio Inoki vs. Riki Choshu (Japan)

Wrestler of the week- Greg Gagne


WWF Ring Report

Ken Patera & Billy Jack Haynes vs. jobbers (WWF)

Midnight Rockers vs. Original Midnight Express (AWA)

Danger Zone with Paul E.

Rip Oliver vs. Mike Miller- falls count anywhere (Portland)

Gordy and Adams confront Al Perez for title shot (WCCW)

PWI editorial with Bill Apter

Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Riki Choshu (Japan)

PWTW TV ratings

June Beyers vs. Betty Hawkins (Mat Classic 1958)

NWA Ring Report

Bruiser Brody vs. Goliath (SCW Georgia)

Great Gama & Jeff Portz vs. Biff Wellington & Mr. Hito (Stampede)

Dutch Mantell/Wendell Cooley contract signing (Continental)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

Dick Slater vs. Mike George (Central States)

Jeff Jarrett vs. Jimmy Jack Funk (Memphis)

Wrestler of the week- Mike George


Hugo Savinovich vs. The Professor (WWC)

Morris Zimmerman& Randy Rose vs. Tommy & Davey Rich (SCW Georgia)

Kevin Von Erich vs. Brian Adias (World Class)

Jake Roberts vs. Dusty Wolfe (WWF)

Manny Fernandez vs. Jimmy Jack Funk (Memphis)

Queen Kong vs. Bambi (PWOW)

Dutch Mantell/Wendell Cooley dueling promos (Continental)

battle royal (Wild West Wrestling)

Riki Choshu vs. Tatsumi Fujinami (New Japan)

Curt Hennig vs. Johnnie Stewart (AWA)

Jerry Blackwell promo (conducted by Bill Apter)

Ric Flair vs. Pat Rose ("classic match" from 1982)

the Grappler (Len Denton) vs. Mike Miller (Portland)

Paul E.'s Danger Zone with Bruiser Brody


Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich vs. Nightmare & Steve Lawler (SCW Georgia)

Dick Slater and Randy Rose attacking Tommy Rich, Bruiser Brody saves (SCW Georgia)

Paul E.'s Danger Zone talking about Brody

Recap of The Main Event twin referee angle (WWF)

Glamour Girls vs. Jumping Bomb Angels (WWF)

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Jerry Lawler (Memphis)

Midnight Rockers vs. Jim Thomas & The Nomad (AWA)

Ric Flair vs. Bullet Bob Armstrong ("classic match" from 1986)

the Terrorist vs. Malibu (PWOW

Muhammad Ali vs. Buddy Wolfe (Vern Gagne is the ref)

Invaders vs. The Rebel & Assassin 1 (WWC)

Bill Apter promo

Rip Oliver & Charles Jackson vs. Steve Doll & Dave Peterson (Portland)

Terrible Ted (wrestling bear) vs. Tracey Smothers (Continental)

Eric Embry vs. Shaun Simpson (WCCW)


Von Erichs & Chris Adams vs. Angel of Death & Iceman Parsons & Buddy Roberts (WCCW) penalty box match)

Jack Tunney's announcement of WrestleMania IV tournament

Muhammad Ali vs. Buddy Wolfe (Vern Gagne is the ref, this was Ali's warm-up match preparing for Inoki)

Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich & Ricky Morton vs. Nightmare & Steve Lawler& Jim Bryan (SCW Georgia)

Paul E.'s Danger Zone with Ricky Morton

Mike George vs. Masahiro Chono (Central States)

Dick Slater promo conducted by Bill Apter

Adrian Adonis vs. Greg Gagne (AWA)

David Shawn Baxter & Davey Haskins vs. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka (Pensacola, FL indy)

Luna Vachon attacking other PWOW women during a pageant

Debbie Combs vs. Wendi Richter (WWC)

Jeff Jarrett vs. Jerry Lawler (Memphis)

Bill Dundee attacking Jeff Jarrett (Memphis)

Grappler vs. Mike Miller (Portland)

Ric Flair vs. Bruiser Brody ("classic match" from Central States)


Chris Adams interview

Dutch Mantell vs. "Nightmare" Danny Davis (Continental)

Maxx Pain & Gorgeous Gary Young vs. Bruise Bros. (Memphis)

Kerry Brown vs. Mr. Ito (Stampede)

Scotty McGhee interview

The Stomper vs. Dan Kroffat (Stampede)

Stomper interview-Harley Race comes in

Wrestlemania IV Battle Royal Report

British Bulldogs vs. Jobbers (WWF)

Abdullah the Butcher & Randy Rose vs. Steve Prichard & Chic Donovan (SCW Georgia)

Kerry Von Erich, Al Perez, Terry Taylor, Chris Adams, & Terry Gordy brawl (WCCW)

Vinny Valentino vs. Ken Timms (Central States)

Mike Miller vs. Avalanche (Portland)

Bill Apter "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" Editorial

"Cowboy" Bob Orton vs. Billy Anderson (AWA)

Hurricane Castillo Jr. vs. Masked Professor (Puerto Rico)

Bambi vs. Queen Kong (Arm Wrestling from WWA/Philly)

Danger Zone with Paul E. Dangerously on the set of Pro Wrestling This Week


Al Perez vs Michael Hayes (WCCW)

Nina vs Sasha (POWW)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

Jim Duggan vs. Barry Horowitz (WWF)

Southern Boys vs Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden (Continental)

Ali Baba vs Wild Red Branigan (Mat Classic- 1953)

PWI Editorial with Bill Apter

Max Pain & Gary Young vs. Bruise Brothers (Memphis)

Grappler vs Mike Miller (Portland)

Super Ninja vs Invader- Cage match (WWC)

Bad Boy Brown vs Cowboy Lang (AWA)

Jeff Jarrett& Sugar Ray Lloyd vs Comrade Busich & Great Ninja (SCW Georgia)

Max Payne & Gary Young vs Bruise Brothers (Memphis)

Danger Zone

Leo Bruke vs Hasheb Khan (Stampede)

Masa Chono vs. Mike George (Central States)

Bob Holly vs Mike Boyette (Gulf Coast)

Wrestler of the Week: Nina


Danger Zone: Paul E. buys PWTW

Ted DiBiase vs Scott Casey (WWF)

PWI editor’s Poll: WM4 Tournament

Steve Simpson, Kerry & Kevin von Erich vs Buddy Roberts, Angel of Death & Iceman Parsons (WCCW)

Rip Rogers vs Chris Benoit (Stampede)

Greg Gagne vs Steve O (AWA)

Avalanche & Mike Golden vs Scott Peterson & Steve Doll (Portland)

Rocky Johnson vs Ron Starr (WWC)

Sound Off with Bonnie Blackstone

Executioner & Doug Somers vs Tommy Rich & Bruiser Brody (SCW Georgia)

Luna Vachon vs. Liberty (POWW)

Olga Baronoff vs Honka Kavetski (Mat Classic- 1957)

Interview- Paul E. Dangerously buys PWTW stock

Midnight Rockers vs Zebra Warriors (CWA)

Southern Boys vs California Bikers (Continental)

Wrestler of the Week: Greg Gagne & Steve O