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Memphis Power Pro Wrestling 1998 - 2001

1998 (9 discs)

April 18, 1998 (Debut Show)
Paul Diamond vs Spellbinder
Randy Hales Interview--plans for PPW
Jim Cornette Promo
"Universal Hearthrob" Austin Idol Interview
Bill "Superstar" Dundee Interview
Jerry "The King" Lawler Interview
8 Man Tag: (Lawler stays for commentary)
Kid Wikkid, Jason Lee, Sgt. O'Riley, and Derrick King
Lance Jade, Bobby Bronze, Blade, Yellow Jacket
Lawler/Dundee confrontation
Rock n Roll Express Promo
Brian Christopher Segment
"Sweet Music Man" Billy Joe Travis vs Ashley Hudson
"The Final Confrontation" Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee
Bill Dundee Interview (Signs Austin Idol's open contract)

April 25, 1998
Clips of Debut Show
Tony Falk vs Bill "Superstar" Dundee (Brandon Baxter Debuts)
Samantha Interview
Spellbinder vs Paul Diamond
Kidd Wikkid Promo
Kidd Wikkid & "Mr. Personalities" Derrick King vs Lance Jade and Bobby Bronze
Jerry "The King" Lawler Interview (Randy Hales and Dundee confrontation with Lawler)
Lawler/Dundee Brawl
Brian Christopher Interview
"Sweet Music Man" Billy Joe Travis vs "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
Brian Christopher segment--attacked by Billy Joe Travis

May 2, 1998
Clips of Brian Christopher/Billy Joe Travis from last week
Lance Jade and Bobby Bronze vs Kid Wikkid and "Mr. Personalities" Derrick King
Kidd Wikkid Interview
"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant Interview (Brandon Baxter interrupts)
Ashley Hudson vs Paul Diamond
Spellbinder vs Tony Falk
"Mr. Personalities" Derrick King Interview about loving Jackie (Samantha Interrupts-gives Bruno the stunner)
Jerry "The King" Lawler Interview
Jerry Lawler vs Tracey Smothers
Bill Dundee Interview
Jimmy Valiant comes out--Baxter/Derrick King/Kidd Wikkid attack him
*Stretcher Match* "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher vs Billy Joe Travis

May 9, 1998
Young Guns Battle Royal to crown the first Young Guns Champ
Jackie Interview (Derrick King Interrupts and asks for a date)-Samantha also interrupts
Brandon Baxter Interview
Jason Lee vs Bill Dundee
Billy Joe Travis/Dundee confrontation
Brian Chrisopher and Spellbinder interview
Brian Christopher and Spellbinder vs Billy Joe Travis and Paul Diamond *stretcher match*
BJ Awesome (MO from men on a mission) Debut--attacks Christopher and Spellbinder--Dundee save
Dundee Interview
Derrick King vs Tony Denucci (BJ Awesome does Commentary)
Brian Christopher attacks BJ Awesome

May 16, 1998
Highlights of last week
Brandon Baxter Interview
Jackie vs Paula Bunyon
Samantha Interview (Samantha/Derrick King/Tony Falk/Jackie confrontation)
8 Man Young Guns Elimination Tag Match: Winner gets a Young Guns Title Shot
Bobby Bronze, Lance Jade, Ashley Hudson, Blade
Derrick King, Reality, Yellow Jacket, Swole
Ashley Hudson/Kidd Wikkid Segment
Ashley Hudson vs Kidd WIkkid (Young Guns Title Match)
Brandon Baxter Interview--"Master B" Debut
Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee Interview
Paul Diamond and Master B vs Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee (Big Brawl at the end)

May 23, 1998
BJ Awesome vs Spellbinder
Brandon Baxter Interview
Tony Falk Interview
Derrick King/Tony Falk/Samantha/Jackie segment
Kidd Wikkid Interview
Bobby Bronze vs Lance Jade
Jerry Lawler and Stacy Interview
Master B vs Ashley Hudson
Kidd Wikkid vs Bill Dundee
Paul Diamond and Brandon Baxter vs Jerry Lawler and Stacy

May 30, 1998
Kid Wikkid vs Bobby Bronze
Brandon Baxter, Tony Falk, Billy Travis Interview
Randy Hales Interview
Jerry Lawler Interview
Ashley Hudson, Lance Jade, and Blade vs Master B, Swole, and Yellow Jacket
Jerry Lawler segment--introduces his team for the main event
Kid Wikkid Interview (Bronze/Jade Interrupt)
Spellbinder vs BJ Awesome
10 Man Mixed Tag:
Tony Falk, Paul Diamond, Derrick King, Brandon Baxter, and Billy Travis
Jerry Lawler, Stacy, Jackie, Samantha, and Bill Dundee
Randy Hales Interview=Announces Lawler vs Kane
Stacy confronts and slaps Randy Hales!

June 6, 1998
Clips of Randy Hales Announcing Lawler/Kane and Stacy confronting him.
Ashley Hudson vs BJ Awesome (Spellbinder attacks)
Spellbinder vs BJ Awesoome (Spellbinder snaps)
Spellbinder Interview
Brandon Baxter, Travis, Falk interview
Jackie Interview (Derrick King Interrupts)
Jackie vs Brandon Baxter (Billy Travis harasses Samantha/Dundee attacks Travis)
Paul Bearer and Kane Interview
Randy Hales Interview (Lawler Interrupts)
Lawler/Hales Showdown-Lawler slaps Hales
Billy Joe Travis Interview
Lance Jade vs Bobby Bronze vs Kid Wikkid (Young Guns Title)
Billy Travis vs Bill Dundee (big brawl at the end-screen jumps for about the last minute.)

June 13, 1998
Highlights of last week's brawl
Bill Dundee/Godwinns Interview
Brandon Baxter/Tracy Smothers Interview
Lance Jade vs Tracy Smothers
Brandon Baxter/Billy Travis Interview
Jackie/Baxter/King Segment
Derrick King vs Tony Falk
Master B vs Blade
Randy Hales talks about Blastoff in the Dome (Shows clips of Kane in action)
Paul Bearer and Kane Interview
Brian Christopher Interview/Road Dogg Interview
Brian Christopher vs Kidd Wikkid
Double J Jeff Jarrett/Tennesee Lee Interview
Brandon Baxter/Billy Travis Interview
Bill Dundee and The Godwinns vs Tracey Smothers, Billy Travis, and BJ Awesome

June 20, 1998
Blade vs Koko B. Ware
Moondog Spot Debut
Jerry Lawler Interview
Paula Bunyan vs Stacy
Midnight Express Promo
Brandon Baxter/Billy Joe Travis Interview
Bobby Bronze vs Billy Travis
Brandon Baxter Segment--Confrontation with Station Manager-Baxter gets fired
Derrick King proposes to Jackie-She challenges him to a match
BJ Awesome vs Mabel (big brawl erupts)
Billy Joe Travis interview
Moondog Spot vs Jobber
Clips of Kane vs Undertaker from RAW IS WAR
Kid Wikkid Interview--trashes Jerry Lawler (Lawler burns Wikkid)

June 27, 1998
Tony Falk, Yellow Jacket, and Swole vs Lance Jade, Ashley Hudson, Bobby Bronze
Spellbinder interrupts match--destroys everyone--proclaims he is no longer the Spellbinder
Blastoff in the Dome Highlights
Derrick King vs Kidd Wikkid
Clips of Baxter's confrontation with TV 5 Station Manager
Brandon Baxter Interview
Highlights of Lawler vs Kane
Jim Cornette Promo about Lawler burning Kane
Brian Christopher and Mabel Interview
Brian Christopher and Mabel vs BJ Awesome and Master B
Jerry Lawler "apologizes" and "Retires" --Randy Hales comments
Bill Dundee/Samantha Interview
Highlights of Koko B. Ware/Dundee Brawl
Dundee and Ware brawl again
Koko B. Ware vs Ashley Hudson
Brandon Baxter tries to burn the American flag--TV 5 station manager confronts him

July 4, 1998 "Rumble on the River"
Dr. Tom Pritchard vs "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
Brandon Baxter Segment
Randy Hales interview-Crowns a new King--The Giant King
Handicap Match: Giant King vs 3 Jobbers
*Street Fight* Billy Joe Travis vs Bill Dundee (Jerry Lawler calls in)
Brandon Baxter Segment (Brandon has to say Pledge of Allegiance-gets red, white, and blue paint thrown on him)
Rumble on the River Battle Royal--weapons allowed
Jerry Lawler arrives--Lawler/Stacy/Hales/Giant King brawl

July 11, 1998
Clips of Rumble on the River
Randy Hales Interview
Streak Interview
Streak vs Tony Falk
Brian Christopher Interview (Kid Wikkid Interrupts)
Moondog Spot and Bill Dundee vs Billy Joe Travis and Bulldog Raines
Brandon Baxter Interview (Heinreich Franz Keller debuts)
Heinreich Fran Keller vs Swole
Koko B. Ware vs Lance Jade
Kidd Wikkid vs "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
Lawler/Stacy interview--they are all beat up.
Lawler segment harassing people in the control room.
Lawler interview--Shouting about the Giant King (Lawler busts Randy's winshield with baseball bat)

July 18, 1998
Clips of Lawler smashing in Randy Hales windshield
Kid Wikkid and Derrick King vs Bill Dundee and Robert Gibson
Randy Hales statement on Lawler
Footage from RAW where Giant attacks Lawler
Lawler interview in wheelchair--Hales confrontation
Lawler attacks Hales
Billy Joe Travis and Bulldog Raines vs Lance Jade and Ashley Hudson
Brandon Baxter and Heinreich interview
Yellow Jacket vs Heinreich Franz Keller
Streak Interview
Streak vs Jobber
Bill Dundee/Samantha Interview--Koko B. Ware attacks Dundee
Rocky Maivia Interview
Brian Christopher Interview
Brian Christopher vs Koko B. Ware
Randy Hales Interview--Exposes Lawler-Lawler and Hales brawl in parking lot, ending in Hales running down the street in his boxers.

July 25, 1998
Jerry Lawler takes over control room
Streak vs Master B (Brandon Baxter and Heinreich brawl with Streak at the end)
Lawler interview in studio
Highlights of Silva/Lawler from Malace in the Palace
Ashley Hudson vs Heinreich Franz Keller (w/Brandon Baxter)
Baxter/Keller/referee segment
Tony Falk vs King Cobra
Randy Hales Interview in wheelchair (Lawler Interrupts)
Footage of Brian Christopher/Rock from Malace in the Palace
Kid Wikkid Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Derrick King (King is in "The Rock" personality)
Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee vs Bulldog Raines and Billy Joe Travis (Big Brawl at end)

August 1, 1998
Highlights of last week
Lawler Interview from Production Room
Elimination Tag Match:
Tony Falk, Bulldog Raines, Derrick King, and Kid Wikkid
Brian Christopher, Streak, Lance Jade, and Ashley Hudson
Hales and friends attack Lawler in Production Room
Brandon Baxter interview
Lawler is taken away in an ambulance
Master B vs Heinreich Franz Keller
Randy Hales Interview
Brian Christopher Interview-showdown with Randy Hales
Koko B. Ware Interview
Koko B. Ware vs Bill Dundee
Billy Travis vs Brian Christopher (Lawler returns from the hospital)

August 8, 1998
Highlights of last week
Jerry Lawler Interview
Brian Christopher vs Billy Travis
Brian Christopher Interview
Hales' thugs attack Brian, Lawler save
Baxter Interview
Dundee Interview
Bill Dundee vs Koko B. Ware
Hales Interview
Lance Jade and Ashley Hudson vs Bulldog Raines and Heinreich Franz Keller
Kid Wikkid Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Streak
Lawler/Hales/Stacy segment
Jerry Lawler and Stacy vs Billy Travis and Randy Hales (Huge Brawl at end)

August 15, 1998
Randy Hales Interview
Bulldog Raines and Heinreich Franz Keller vs Ashley Hudson and Bill Dundee
Hales/Lawler/Stacy segment
Baxter/Travis interview (Hales fires Brandon Baxter)
Streak vs Derrick King vs Kidd Wikkid
Lance Jade vs Ashley Hudson
Dundee Interview
Lawler and Stacy vs Billy Travis and Randy Hales (Loser gets Head Shaved)
Randy Hales Head Shaving

August 22, 1998
Brandon Baxter Interview
Streak vs Jobber
Highlights of triple threat match last week
Kid Wikkid/Derrick King Segment
Kid Wikkid/Derrick King vs Bulldog Raines and Heinreich Franz Keller
Tony Falk vs Bill Dundee (Ashley Hudson/Dundee brawl)
Randy Hales Interview (Stacy and Brandon Baxter interrupt-Baxter says Stacy is cheating on Lawler with him)--Lawler makes the save
Lance Jade vs Ashley Hudson
Brian Christopher and Jerry Lawler vs Hales' thugs

August 29, 1998
Hales/Travis/Thugs Interview-confrontation with Lawler
Kid Wikkid vs Derrick King
Stacy Interview
Randy Hales/Jerry Lawler Segment
Brian Christopher Interview--Streak Interrupts (Hilarious)
Brian Christopher vs Streak
Bill Dundee vs Ashley Hudson
Jerry Lawler vs Billy Travis (Lumberjack Match-Lumberjacks selected by Hales-if Lalwer wins, he gets Hales alone in the ring)
Lawler attacks Hales at the end--Travis and Lawler brawl

September 5, 1998
Randy Hales interview--He is later locked in a cage and must stay there the entire show
Jerry Lawler vs Billy Travis
Hales/Lawler segments
Tony Falk vs Robert Gibson
Kid Wikkid/Derrick King Segment
Derrick King vs Australian Sensation
Streak Interview
Brandon Baxter interview-Stacy interrupts
10 Man Tag Match w/Weapons:
Jerry Lawler, Robert Gibson, Streak, Lawler's Army guys in masks
Billy Travis, Heinreich Franz Keller, Bulldog Raines, Bodyguard, ??

September 12, 1998
Lance Jade vs Billy Travis
Bulldog Raines and Keller vs Robert Gibson and Jason Gibson
Randy Hales interview--calls Brian Christopher out
Lawler/Christopher confrontation
Bill Dundee Interview
Bill Dundee vs Derrick King
Randy Hales/Streak interview
Streak vs Bodyguard
Stacy/Randy Hales interview--Brandon Baxter Interview
Jerry Lawler vs Brian Christopher

September 19, 1998
Highlights of last week
Jerry Lawler and Stacy Interview
Introduces Handsome Jimmy Valiant
Downtown Bruno Interview--Randy Hales Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Bill Dundee
Brian Christopher/Randy Hales Interview
Streak Interview
Streak vs Bulldog Raines
Stacy/Randy Hales segment (Brandon Baxter Interrupts)
Hales/Buddy Wayne Interview
Sid Vicious debuts--Interview
Jerry "The King" Lawler vs "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher (Special referee: Jimmy Valiant)
Lawler/Hales mock match

September 26, 1998
Highlights of Sid returning last week
8 Man Elmination Match for $2500
Streak, Lance Jade, Blade, and Derrick King
Bodyguards, Kidd Wikkid, and Bulldog Raines
Randy Hales Interview (Bruno Interview)
Samantha vs Vicious Vicki
Jerry Lawler Interview (About Andy Kauffman)
Stacy/Hales/Baxter Segment
Billy Travis/Brian Christopher Interview
Billy Travis and Brian Christopher vs Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee

October 3, 1998
Randy Hales/WWF Talent Interview
10 Man Tag Match
Sid segments throughout the show
Streak in action
Jerry Lawler vs Giant Silva
Brawl featuring Sid, Lawler, Hawk, Bart Gunn at end

October 10, 1998
Highlights of Settle the Score
Sid/POB Arrival
Randy Hales interview—introduces Hawk from LOD—Hawk Interview
Bulldog Raines and Billy Joe Travis vs Lance Jade and Streak
Brandon Baxter/Stacy Interview—Randy Hales interrupts and insults Baxter and his family. Baxter attacks Hales, then Baxter gets jumped by Billy Joe Travis—BB gets put in the dumpster
Bill Dundee Interview
Ashley Hudson & Kid Wikkid vs Bill Dundee & Derrick King
Sid Interview
Jerry Lawler Interview
Chicago Street Fight: Jerry Lawler vs Road Warrior Hawk

October 17, 1998
Randy Hales Interview-Introduces Carl Leduc-Lawler attacks
Bulldog Raines vs Streak
Brandon Baxter Interview
Randy Hales Interview
Lance Jade & Blade vs Master B and Brian Christopher
Hales/Dundee Interview, calls out the young talent (GREAT!!!!!!)
4 Corners Match:
Derrick King vs Bill Dundee vs Kid Wikkid vs Ashley Hudson
Coward Waves the Flag: Rex King w/Hales vs Jerry Lawler w/Dundee

October 24, 1998
Highlights from last week
Ashley Hudson vs Streak
Lance Jade vs Derrick King
Sid Interview
Sid and POB segment--give Hales' thugs lashings
Bill Dundee Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Bill Dundee
Rex King/Randy Hales Interview
Jerry Lawler vs Rex King
Parking Lot Brawl at the end

October 31, 1998 (Halloween Special)
Wrestler's in Costume come out--Matches in Costume, losers have to unmask-winners advance to Mascarade Maul
Gravedigger and Dr. Frank vs Killer Clown and Gene Simmons
President Clinton vs The Bulldog
Freddy and Leatherface vs Popeye and Batman
Randy Hales Interview--Brandon Baxter tars and feathers
The Snowman vs The Wolfman
Masquerade Maul-Elimination match for the championship
Batman, Wolfman, Popeye, Bulldog, Dr. Frank, Killer Clown, President Clinton, GraveDigger

November 7, 1998
(First minutes is John Glenn footage==TV 5 interrupted PPW for this)
Highlights of last week
Hales Interview
Young Guns Title: Kid Wikkid vs Erin O'Grady
*Street Fight* Brandon Baxter vs Randy Hales (Vic Grimes debuts and attacks Baxter)
Shawn Stasiak, Baldo and Vic Grimes Debut (Randy Hales new Syndicate is formed)
*Boomerang on a Pole Match* Bill Dundee vs Ashley Hudson
Brandon Baxter is taken away in an Ambulance
Shawn Stasiak vs Lance Jade

November 14,1998
Randy Hales Interview-Brian Christopher promises to EXPOSE Jerry Lawler later in the show
Baldo Interview
Baldo vs Streak
Shawn Stasiak Interview
Shawn Stasiak vs Lance Jade
Jerry Lawler Interview
Derrick King vs Erin O'Grady (Young Guns Title)
Randy Hales Interview with Vic Grimes
Vic Grimes vs Bulldog Raines
Brian Christopher Interview-face to face with Jerry Lawler (He exposes Lawler)-Stacy and Bill Dundee interrupt
Brian Christopher vs Bill Dundee
Lawler and Stacy brawl with Dundee and Samantha as Brian Christopher laughs to end the show.

November 28, 1998
Syndicate segment-Tony Falk is stuck on the roof
Hardcore Streetfight: Streak and Bulldog Raines vs Vic Grimes and Baldo
Jerry Lawler and Stacy interview (Lawler talks about the Jim Carrey incident)-Shawn Stasiak interrupts
Young Guns Title: Erin O'Grady vs Kid Wikkid (Wikkid wins Young Guns Title)
Randy Hales interview with Ugly Ed Johnson
Mic Tierney vs Lance Jade
Mic Tierney Interview
Randy Hales interview
Shawn Stasiak vs Tony Falk
Shawn Stasiak reveals he has trapped Stacy upstairs in her bra and panties-Lawler attacks
Lawler Interview

December 5, 1998
Randy Hales/Tony Falk Segment
Vic Grimes vs Bulldog Raines
Brandon Baxter Interview
Young Guns Title: Four Corners Match:
Derrick King vs Lance Jade vs Kid Wikkid vs Erin O'Grady
Brian Christopher Interview
Dundee/Stasiak/Christopher Brawl
Mic Tierney vs Yellow Jacket
Randy Hales/Syndicate Interview
Baldo vs Blade
Brandon Baxter Interview
Shawn Stasiak vs Streak
Bill Dundee vs Brian Christopher

December 12, 1998
Derrick King vs Lance Jade (Mic Tierney segment)
Jerry Lawler Interview (Stasiak/BC/Dundee interfere)
Ken Raper vs Streak
Mic Tierney Snaps
Vic Grimes and Baldo vs Raines and O'Grady
Randy Hales Interview
Shawn Stasiak and Brian Christopher vs Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee
Brandon Baxter takes Randy Hales car

December 19, 1998
Jerry Lawler's Tour of his rooms at his house airs throughout the show
Erin O'Grady vs Brian Christopher
Shawn Stasiak vs Blade
Mic Tierney Interview
Mic Tierney vs some Guy from the audience
Kid Wikkid Segment
Lance Jade vs Derrick King (Young Guns Title)
Christopher/Stasiak invade Lawler's house during the tour
Xmas brawl

December 26, 1998
*Year in Review Show* Year End Awards presented throughout the show
Year in Review Clip
Bill Dundee Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Lance Jade (Young Guns Title)
Randy Hales Interview-Gives Tony Falk Award
Mic Tierney vs Bulldog Raines
Lawler&Stacey/Dundee&Samantha Confrontation
Wrestler of the Year Battle Royal