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NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida 1987

1/3/87 (American Championship Wrestling)
Lex Luger vs Bad News Allen (Southern Heavyweight Title match)
The Falcon vs Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz)Classic Match - Hiro Matsuta (1975)
Sheepherders vs Kendall Windham/Vic Steamboat
INT - Kevin Sullivan
Black Magic (Norman Smiley) vs Louis Garcia
INT - Kevin Sullivan (on location w/ WOMAN from Hawaii)
INT - Kendall Windall & Ron Simmons
INT - Ed "The Bull" Gantner
INT - New Breed
Ron Simmons vs Ed "The Bull" Gandner (Florida Heavyweight Title)
Mike Graham vs Jerry Gray
New Breed vs Mike Graham/Stan Lane
INT -  Oliver Humperdink/Kevin Sullivan/Bad News Allen
Ed "The Bull" Gantner vs Tommy Wright
Lex Luger vs Kevin Sullivan (Lumberjack match)
Ron Simmons vs Bad News Allen (Florida Heavyweight Title)
Kevin Sullivan vs Jim Backlund ("Gigolo" Jimmy Del Ray)
Highlites of Bad News Allen/Oliver Humperdink split
New Breed vs Mike Graham/Mark Starr
Kendall Windham vs Ed "The Bull" Gantner
Lex Luger vs Bruiser Brody
Highlites of the Falcon being unmasked
New Breed vs Stan Lane/Mark Starr
Highlites of SCOTT HALL arriving in Florida by private jet/limo for contract signing
Scott Hall vs Executioner 1 & 2 (handicap match)
Kareem Muhameed vs Steve Armstrong
"Exotic" Adrian Street vs Randy Savage (from Memphis 1985)
Bad News Allen/Kevin Sullivan brawl
3/7/87  (NWA Southern Pro Wrestling) *now associated with Jim Crockett Promotions*
Highlites of Dusty Rhodes vs Bubba Rogers
INT - Dusty Rhodes
INT - Ric Flair
The Barbarian (w/ Bill Dundee) vs Black Magic (Norman Smiley)
Big Bubba Rogers (w/ Kevin Sullivan vs Louis Garcia
INT - Brad Armstrong
Steve Armstrong/Tracy Smothers vs Mark Sterling/Jason Sterling
Mike Rotundo vs "Golden Boy" Chick Donovan
Dream date w/ Ed Gantner segment
JJ Dillon joins commentary
Stan Lane & Scott Hall vs Tommy Wright & Bob Cook
INT - Barry Windham
Lex Luger vs Vic Steamboat
INT - Lex Luger
INT - Kendall & Barry Windam
INT - Ric Flair
The Southern Boys vs New Breed
INT - The Horsemen
Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson & Lex Luger vs Rick Ryder & Vic Steamboat & Tony Di Amato

INT - Kevin Sullivan

Highlites of Bad News Allen/Kevin Sullivan fued

Kevin Sullivan vs Jason Sterling

Jimmy Valiant Music Video

Mike Rotundo vs Bob Cook

INT - The Super Powers

Scott Hall & Stan Lane vs "Golden Boy" Chick Donovan & Jack Towers

Jimmy Backlund ("Gigolo" Jimmy Del Ray) & Black Magic vs. The Barbarian & Ed "The Bull" Gantner


Video - Rick Rude/Ragin' Bull vs Keith Patterson/Mike Diamati
The Southern Boys/Bob Armstrong vs Bob Cook/Louie Garcia/Tony Diamati
Mike Rotunda vs Colt Steele
Stan Lane/Ron Simmons vs Bill & Randy Mulkey (Shaska Whatley is commentating)
Ed Gantner vs Eddie Roberts
Shaska Whatley/Tahitian Prince (Samu) vs Mitch Snow/Brady Boone
INT - Kevin Sullivan
INT - Jimmy Valiant
Mod Squad vs Mark Sterling/Jason Sterling
INT - Bill Dundee w/ Mod Squad
4/18/87 (NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida)
INT - Ric Flair
Barry & Kendall Windham vs Jack Towers/Randy Mulkey
Mike Rotunda vs Ed Gantner (Florida Title Match)
INT - Kevin Sullivan
Mod Squad vs Ron Simmons/Brady Boone
Jim Crockett promotes upcoming Eddie Graham Memorial show on May 9th
Tahitian Prince vs Louis Garcia
INT - Dusty Rhodes/Nikita Koloff
Scott Hall vs Teo Samoa
INT - Southern Boys/Jimmy Valiant
Kevin Sullivan vs Jason Sterling
Lex Luger/Arn Anderson vs Denny Brown/Eddie Roberts
Ric Flair vs Mitch Snow
INT - The Horsemen