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Global Wrestling Federation was a professional wrestling promotion based in Dallas, Texas.Max Andrews and Joe Pedicino were the original GWF promotersThe original stars included The Patriot (Del Wilkes), Stan Lane, Scott Anthony (Raven of ECW, WCW, WWE and TNA), The Handsome Stranger (Marcus Bagwell of WCW) and Cactus Jack. In late 1991, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert entered the promotion and took over much of the creative direction of the show introducing The Dark Patriot (a evil version of "The Patriot" played by his brother, Doug Gilbert), John Hawk (John Bradshaw Layfield), Jerry Lynn, and "The Winner" Barry Horowitz (a character created by Gilbert and announcer Craig Johnson.) Booker T and Stevie Ray also wrestled in the promotion as well as the Lightning Kid (later known as the 1-2-3 Kid, Syxx, and X-Pac in WCW and WWE)


1991  (15 Discs)


June 28, 1991  (Premiere show)
Chris Walker vs Sweet Daddy Falcone,
Axl Rotten vs Chaz
Stan Lane vs Ray Evans,
Gary Young & Brian Adidas vs Doug Somers & Kenny The Stinger
The Patriot vs Tug Taylor,
Adrian Street vs Rip Rogers,
Steve Simpson vs. El Bandalero
June 28, 1991   (TV TITLE TOURNAMENT  RD 1)
Adrian Street vs. Axl Rotten (1st Round)
Rasta the Voodoo Mon vs. Jeff Gaylord (1st Round)
Big Bull Busick vs. Jimmy James (1st Round)
Buddy Landell vs. Gary Young (1st Round)
June 29, 1991
Makhan Singh b Ray Evans
Big Bully Busick b Chaz, ,
Buddy Landel b Terry Daniels,
Rasta The Voodoo Man b Brian Adidas,
Fantasma b Sweet Daddy Falcone,
Jeff Gaylord b Tug Taylor,
Iceman Parson & the Hammer vs. Quick Rick & Billy Travis
Interviews w/Chris Walker/Landell/Axl/Bull Busick
1st Round Highlights 
Billy Black vs. Randy Rhodes (2nd Round)
Patriot vs. Bill Irwin (2nd Round)
Makhan Singh vs. Terry Garvin (2nd Round)
Chris Walker vs. Rip Rogers (2nd Round)
Taped : July 12, 1991
Bill Irwin vs. Khris Germany
Adrian Street vs. El Bandelero
Big Bully Busick vs. Ray Evans
Rip Rogers and Makhan Singh vs. Jeff Gaylord and Gary Young
Lightning Kid (debut) vs. Dapper Dan
TV Champ Patriot vs. John Tatum
Chaz vs. California Blond (from July 5th)
Interviews w/Patriot/Rip and Makhan
Taped : July 13, 1991
Mike Davis vs. Gary Young
Chaz vs. Rasta the Voodoo Mon
Jeff Gaylord vs. Randy Rhodes (w/Christopher Love)
Rip Rogers and Makhan Singh vs. Terry Daniels and Rick Garren
Bill Irwin and Skip Young
John Tatum vs. Terry Garvin
Randy Rhodes & Bill Irwin vs Gary Young & Brian Adidas

Taped : July 13, 1991
(Recap) Chaz vs. Ed Robinson (1st Round)
(Recap) Lightning Kid vs. Bubba Fangman (1st Round)
(Recap)Handsome Stranger vs. Butch Blackheart (1st Round)  
(Recap) Rip Rogers vs. Ray Evans (1st Round)
(Recap) Steve Simpson vs. Mike Stetson (1st Round)
(Recap) Adrian Street vs. Iceman King Parsons (1st Round)
(Recap) Brian Adias vs. El Bandelero (1st Round)
(Recap) Mike Davis vs. Victor Gonzalez (1st Round)
(Recap) Jerry Lynn vs. Randy Rhodes (1st Round)
(Recap) Terry Daniels vs. Rick Garren (1st Round)
(Recap) Terry Garvin vs. Kenny the Stinger (1st Round)
(Recap) John Tatum vs. Khris Germany (1st Round,)
Terry Garvin vs. John Tatum (2nd Round)
Jerry Lynn vs. Terry Daniels (2nd Round)
Adrian Street vs. Steve Simpson (2nd Round)
Taped : July 13, 1991
(Recap) Lightning Kid vs. Chaz (2nd Round)
(Recap) Handsome Stranger vs. Rip Rogers (2nd Round)
(Recap) Mike Davis vs. Brian Adidas (2nd Round)
(Recap) Terry Garvin vs. John Tatum (2nd Round)
(Recap) Jerry Lynn vs. Terry Daniels (2nd Round)
(Recap) Adrian Street vs. Steve Simpson (2nd Round)
 Lightning Kid vs. Handsome Stranger (Rasta gets involved) (Semi Finals)
Steve Simpson vs. Mike Davis (Semi Finals)
Jerry Lynn vs. John Tatum (Semi Finals)
Taped : July 26, 1991
Interviews w/Cornette and lane/Cox/Davis Bros/Bad News/Cartel
Makhan Singh vs. Steve Dane
Stan Lane vs. Skip Young
Bad News Brown vs. Chico Torres 
Jeff Gaylord vs. Action Jackson
Tom and Mike Davis vs. El Gran Colosso and Fire Cat (Brady Boone)
Patriot vs. Cuban Assassin (Fidel Sierra) 
Jeff Gaylord and Terry Garvin vs. Royal Family (Rip Morgan and Jacko Victory)
Taped : August 9, 1991
Interviews w/Cactus and Anthony/Love/Simpson and Walker/Cornette and Lane
Renegade Warriors (Mark and Chris Youngblood) vs. El Diablo and Ed Robinson
Handsome Stranger vs. Tom Davis
Bad News Brown vs. Rick Garren
Bill Irwin vs. Terry Daniels
Chaz and Terry Garvin vs. The PYT's (Eric Fontaine and Randy Rhodes)
Match: Steve Simpson vs. John Tatum
TV Champ Patriot vs. Rod Price (Tatum comes in)
Taped : August 23, 1991
Interviews w/Eddie Gilbert/Christopher Love 
Al Perez vs. Mike Davis
Terry Garvin vs. Ken Striker
 Eddie Gilbert vs Rick Garren
 Handsome Stranger vs Sweet Daddy Falcone
PYTS vs Terry Garvin & Chaz
Gary Young & Jeff Gaylord vs John Tatum &  California Stud
Taped : August 30, 1991 Show #1
Interviews w/Renegade Warriors/Steve Dane/Chaz and Terry Garvin/Maulers 
Handsome Stranger vs. Sweet Daddy Falcone
Chaz vs. Barry Horowitz
Champ Eddie Gilbert vs. Rick Garren
John Tatum and Rod Price vs. Terry Daniels and Action Jackson
Al Perez vs. Patriot (Rematch for Vacant North American Title, JIP, Title Change) 
Renegade Warriors (Mark and Chris Youngblood) vs. Maulers (Victory and Morgan)
Taped : August 30, 1991 Show #2
Interviews w/Scott Anthony/Price, Tatum and Akbar/Lightning Kid
Eddie Gilbert vs. Reno Riggins 
John Tatum and Rod Price vs. Jeff Gaylord and Gary Young
Scott Anthony vs. Billy Joe Travis
The Maulers (Jacko Victory and Rip Morgan) vs. Los Gran Colosso's
Davis Brothers vs. American Breed
Steve Simpson vs. Steve Dane
Taped : September 6, 1991
Bill Irwin vs Jeff Gaylord
Rod Price & John Tatum vs Renegade Warriors
Terry Garvin vs Sweet Daddy Falcone,
Steven Dane vs Chaz,
Footage: The Patriot vs Bad News Brown (GWF Title Match)
Handsome Stranger vs Rip Rogers
Steve Simpson & Chris Walker b Bad News Allen & Soultaker (Tag Title Match)
Taped : October 11, 1991(low audio)
Interviews w/Anthony/Irwin/OMG/Stranger/Gilbert
Tom and Mike Davis vs. Terry Daniels and Ben Jordan
Barry Horowitz vs. Handsome Stranger
Black Bart vs. Butch Blackheart
~ Scott Anthony attacks Handsome Stranger
Scott Anthony vs. Chaz
DISC #10
Taped : October 19, 1991 (Show #1)
Eddie Gilbert vs Rick Garren
Sam Houston (debut) vs Barry Horowitz
Black Bart vs. The Outlaw
Ben Jordan & Terry Daniels vs John Tatum & Daddy Falcone
Al Perez vs The Soultaker (Godfather)
Taped : October 19, 1991 (Show #2) *low audio*
~ Interviews w/Gilbert/Akbar/Falcone/Price/Young/Perez/Davis Bros/Renegade Warriors
TV Champ Eddie Gilbert vs. Bill Irwin
Soul taker (Papa Shango/Godfather) vs. Tony George
Gary Young vs. Rod Price
Renegade Warriors vs. Maulers (Victory and Morgan) (TX Tornado match)
DISC #11
Taped : November 15, 1991
Mr. Mystery (Chaz) vs Tom Davis
Wild Bill Irwin vs Rod Price (from Nov. 8th)
John Tatum & Rod Price vs Black Bart & Bill Irwin
Bull Pain vs Ben Jordan
Gary Young vs Cactus Jack (Flashback)
Tugboat Taylor vs Mike Davis (From Nov. 8th)
The Dirty Davis Brothers vs Tugboat Taylor & Terry Garvin
DISC #12
Taped : November 29, 1991 - Show #1
Bull Pain vs Sam Houston
Lightning Kid vs Brian Costello
Bill Irwin vs Sweet Daddy Falcone,
The Patriot vs Scott Anthony (GWF Title Match)
Taped : November 29, 1991 - Show #2  (low audio)
Bull Pain vs Sam Houston
Lightning Kid vs Chaz
The Dirty Davis Brothers vs Tugboat Taylor & Terry Garvin (Steel Cage)
DISC #13
Taped : December 6, 1991 (low audio)
Dark Patriot (debut) vs Ben Jordan
Steve Simpson vs Sweet Daddy Falcone
Chaz & Tug Taylor vs Dogs Of War
Eddie Gilbert vs Gary Young (TV Title match)
Bill Irwin vs Body Snatcher
Taped : December 13, 1991
Dark Patriot vs Ben Jordan
Jerry Lynn vs Barry Horowitz
Chaz & Tug Taylor vs Davis Brothers (Elimination match)
Eddie Gilbert vs Terry Garvin (Non title)
DISC #14
Taped : December 20, 1991
Eddie Gilbert vs Terry Garvin
Bill Irwin & Black Bart & Rattlesnake vs Rod Price & John Tatum & Sweet Daddy Falcone
Taped : December 27, 1991
TV Title : Eddie Gilbert vs Terry Garvin  (2 out of 3 falls)
Light Heavyweight Title : Lightning Kid vs Jerry Lynn (2 out of 3 falls)
DISC #15
Taped : January 3, 1992
The Wild Bunch vs Rod Price & John Tatum & Sweet Daddy Falcone (2/3 falls) from 12/27/91
Barry Horowitz vs Larry Green
Tug Taylor & Chaz Taylor vs The Dirty Davis Brothers (Strap on a Pole match)