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The Wrestling Fan

The most comprehensive Wrestling DVD Collection on the net!




1) Bob & Brad Armstrong vs. Roger Bond & Chip Donovan

2) Ted DiBiase vs. Johnny Rich

3) Jimmy Valiant vs. Paul Garner (Valiant sets a new single-pin record time with 24.45 seconds)

4) Interview altercation between Paul Ellering and Ron Garvin in which Ellering turns down Garvin’s
$4350 offer for a National TV Title Match against Jake Roberts

5) Footage of Roadwarriors vs. Stan Hansen & Bugsy McGraw

6) Bret [Wayne] Sawyer vs. Pat Rose

7) Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs. Mike Jackson (Johnny Rich joins Solie during the match to challenge
Ted DiBiase and to warn DiBiase that he had not gotten rid of Tommy Rich)

8) Roadwarriors vs. Mike Starbuck & Big Red; Ronnie Garvin storms the ring as the Roadwarriors
double-teamed Starbuck, and substitutes for Big Red as Starbuck’s partner

9) Gordon Solie displays the APRIL 84 issue of PWI, the cover story of which concerns Ric Flair’s second
World Title victory over Harley Race

10) Interview with Chief Wahoo McDaniels; McDaniels’, the interview is interrupted by Ric Flair

2nd hour

11) Video montage showcasing the strength of Joe LeDuc

12) Buzz Sawyer vs. Roger Bond

13) Video montage of Jerry Lawler

14) Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs. Mike Starbuck

15). Chief Wahoo McDaniels vs. Chip Donovan

16) Int – Road Warriors

17) Int – Jake Roberts

18) Int – Ted DiBiase









1) Brett Sawyer vs. Roger Bond
2) Paul Ellering promo – clip of Jos LeDuc pulling a bus
3) Jerry Lawler Video
4) Les Thornton vs. Mike Jackson
5) Wahoo McDaniel vs. Mark Hill
6) Road Warriors vs. Mike Starbuck & Ronnie Garvin – Garvin runs in and replaces the other jobber in the match.
7) The Spoiler vs. Randy Barber



1) Brad Armstrong vs. Roger Bond
2) Ronnie Garvin/Paul Ellering confrontation
3) Clip of Mr. R jumping Ted DiBiase at the Omni
4) Jake Roberts vs. Terry Ellis


Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Jesse Barr & Roger Bond –it’s the Briscos’ return

King Kong Bundy interview
Spoiler vs. Larry Santana
Jimmy Valiant squash (from Mid-Atlantic)
Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Pat Rose
Mr. R (Tommy Rich under a mask) vs. Joe Turner. Dibiase comes out, but Jack Brisco comes out to watch DiBiase
Greg Gagne vs. Rocky Stone (from the AWA)
Dick Slater squash (from Mid-Atlantic)
Magnum TA vs. Rip Rogers (from Mid-South

PWI press Conference - Bill Apter talks to Paul Ellering
Tommy Rogers vs Larry Santana
Spoiler vs. Marty Garner

1) Footage of the career vs. career match in which Ted DiBiase defeats Tommy Rich with a loaded glove
2) Footage of Ron Garvin vs. Iron Sheik
3) Footage of King Kong Bundy’s attack on Paul Ellering following derogatory remarks made by Ellering toward King Kong Bundy when Ellering thought that the show had gone off the air
4) Handicap Match: King Kong Bundy vs. Jessie Barr & Pat Rose
5) The Spoiler vs. Dale Veasy
6) Interview with Stan Hansen on his war with Paul Ellering
7) Interview with King Kong Bundy on his alliance with Stan Hansen against Ellering and the Roadwarriors
8) Ted DiBiase vs. Jason Walker
9) Post-match interview with Ted DiBiase regarding Mr. R (a masked wrestler who he claims to be Tommy Rich)
10) Wahoo McDaniels & Jay Youngblood vs. Gary Ellis & ???
11) Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs. Johnny Rich
12) Roadwarriors vs. Johnny Rich & Bob Brown
13) Les Thornton vs. Bruno Sammartino, Jr.; time-limit draw (Jay Youngblood joins Gordon Solie for ringside commentary and expresses his desire to wrestle Thornton for the World Jr. Heavyweight Championship)
14) Interview with King Kong Bundy on Paul Ellering
15) Video footage on Bob Armstrong’s hospitalization, and Armstrong’s letter to his fans
16) Interview with Ted DiBiase on his upcoming match with Mr. R



1) Segment with Gordon Solie and Ole Anderson concerning Jake “the Snake” Robert’s DDT, Stan Hansen’s lariet, and the Road Warrior’s clothsline

2) National Heavyweight Title Match: Mr. R vs. Champion: Ted DiBiase; during the match, DiBiase unmasks Mr. R to reveal Brad Armstrong as Tommy Rich approaches ringside – while DiBiase is distracted, Armstrong rolls up DiBiase for the pinfall and the championship
3) Interview with Nikolai Volkoff in which he pledges to demonstrate the superiority of Soviet wrestlers
4) Interview with King Kong Bundy in which he responds to Volkoff’s challenge and addresses Ellering and the Roadwarriors
5) Johnny Rich & Leo Santana vs. The Spoiler & Jake “the Snake” Roberts



1) King Kong Bundy vs. Paul Garner
2) Replay of Ted Dibiase vs. Mr. R. from 02-18-84
3) Dream Match – National Television Championship Match:

4) Champion:Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs. Ronnie Garvin; time-limit draw
5) Jimmy Valiant vs. Fuchi (Valiant pins Fuchi in 20 seconds)
6) Interview with Bob & Brad Armstrong on Brad Armstrong’s National Title victory
7) Nikolai Volkoff vs. Dale Veasy
8) Roadwarriors vs. Roger Bond & Jerry Hill
9) Interview altercation between Ellering & Ole Anderson
10) Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol vs. Roadwarriors
11) Nikolai Volkoff vs. Leo Santana
12) The Spoiler vs. Mr. R; DQ – The Roadwarriors storm the ring and attempt to attack Mr. R, but Mr. R flees

1) Interview with Paul Ellering regarding the results of the 02-26-84 card in Atlanta
2) Interview with Nikolai Volkoff regarding his upcoming match with King Kong Bundy in which he pledges to bodyslam Bundy
3) Nikolai Volkoff vs. Jerry Ellis
4) Footage from the NWA World Title Match (02-26-84): 49) Brad Armstrong vs. Champion: Ric Flair
5) Interview with Chief Jay Youngblood regarding the departure of Wahoo McDaniels (due to a telegram), who was suppose to be his tag-team partner against the Roadwarriors
6) The Spoiler vs. Roger Bond
7) Roadwarriors vs. Jay Youngblood & Pez Whatley; DQ – Roadwarriors double-team Youngblood while Ellering smears paint on Youngblood; King Kong Bundy comes to the aid of Youngblood
8) Les Thornton vs. Mike Starbuck
9) Ted DiBiase vs. Mark Hill
10) Blacky “Torpedo” Gooseman vs. Kris Marcov
11) Interview with the Spoiler in which he claims to be a “perfect 10”
1) World Championship Challenger Tournament (winner of tournament to receive a World Title match against Ric Flair in Baltimore, MD) – First Round:

2) Ronnie Garvin vs. Larry Zybzsko; time-limit draw (both men eliminated from the tournament)

3) Interview with Nikolai Volkoff; Volkoff says that he wants to win money to give to the Russian missile program, in order to help promote world peace

4) Interview with Paul Ellering; Ellering congratulates Zbyzsko on a great match, thanks him for eliminating Ronnie Garvin, and predicts that Jake Roberts will win the tournament to meet Ric Flair for the World Title

5) Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs. Roger Bond

6) World Championship Challenger Tournament – First Round:

7) Jack Brisco vs. Sweet Brown Sugar

8) Roadwarriors (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Mike Starbuck & Steve Brenson|



1) Steve Brenson vs. The Spoiler (w/ Paul Ellering)

2) Post-match interview with the Spoiler; the Spoiler pledges to expose any other masked professional wrestler who dares to compete in Georgia Championship Wrestling

3) Rocky Jones vs. Larry Santana

4) Interview with Jack Brisco; Brisco says that he has won two previous World titles, but that “the third time is the charm”; Brisco warns Flair that he is coming

5) Interview with Jake “the Snake” Roberts and the Spoiler; the Spoiler continues to threaten all masked wrestlers; Roberts says that, with the Spoiler behind him, he will never relinquish his TV Title

6) NWA World Heavyweight Title Match (in progress):

7) Brad Armstrong vs. Champion: Ric Flair; end of match not shown



1) Show opens with Gordon Solie & Ole Anderson announcing that Bob Armstrong is petitioning the governing boards of Georgia Championship Wrestling to allow him to return to the ring immediate; footage is shown of Bob Armstrong competing prior to the injuries sustained at the hands of Ted DiBiase, followed by footage of Armstrong in the hospital following his injuries, and footage showing Bob Armstrong on Georgia Championship Wrestling during his recovery

2) Interview with NWA World Champion Ric Flair regarding the tournament; Flair approaches the ring and shakes the hand of Jake Roberts and Brad Armstrong prior to their match for a shot at the World Title

3) World Championship Challenger Tournament – Second Round:

4) Jake “the Snake” Roberts (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Brad Armstrong (Ric Flair provides ringside commentary)

5) Footage of Jerry “the King” Lawler & Austin Idol defeating the Roadwarriors, including a montage of other ring footage

6) Interview with Paul Ellering; Ole Anderson presents a contract for a National Tag Team title Match between the Roadwarriors and Lawler & Idol; Ellering rejects the contract

7) Crusher Blackwell vs. Dale Veasy

8) Interview with the Spoiler and Paul Ellering; the Spoiler shows footage of him defeating Brad Armstrong in a non-title match, and the Spoiler claims he should now be the National champion; the Spoiler challenges Armstrong for a title match

9) Interview with Ric Flair regarding the upcoming tournament elimination match between Tim Horner & Roadwarrior Hawk; Flair approaches the ring and shakes both competitors hands

10) World Championship Challenger Tournament – Second Round: 26) Roadwarrior Hawk (w/ Paul Ellering & Roadwarrior Animal) vs. Tim Horner

11) Interview with Ric Flair discussing the final three competitors in the World Championship Challenger Match (Tim Horner, Brad Armstrong, & Jack Brisco); Flair says he is familiar with all three and he respects each one, but that there is only one Ric Flair

12) Interview with Paul Ellering on Ole Anderson being the cause of so much of Ellering’s trouble on today’s show; Flair interrupts Ellering and tells him to watch a real man in action

13) Ric Flair vs. Pat Rose

14) Les Thornton vs. Roger Bond

15) The Spoiler vs. ??? ; during the match, Paul Ellering comes to the broadcast booth and signs Ole Anderson’s contract

16) Post-match interview with the Spoiler; the Spoiler says it is only a matter of time before he wears the National Heavyweight Title Match

17) Interview with Les Thornton; Thornton pledges to take on any challenger who wants a shot at the World JR Heavyweight Title



1) World Championship Challenger Tournament – Semi-Finals:

2) Tim Horner vs. Brad Armstrong; DQ -- Roadwarrior Hawk storms the ring, attempts to attack Tim Horner, but accidentally clotheslines Brad Armstrong; though Armstrong is the offical winner, he is injured and Tim Horner is allowed to advance to the finals in the tournament

3) Interview with Jack Brisco; Brisco says he intends on meeting Tim Horner in the finals; Horner comes out and asks Brisco to give Armstrong a week to recover so that he can take his rightful role in the finals; Brisco declines and says that Horner can compete, Armstrong can compete, or Armstrong can forfeit the finals match

4) Interview with Paul Ellering regarding his upcoming handcuff match between the Roadwarriors and King Kong Bundy and his partner

5) Roadwarriors vs. Roger Bond & Jason Walker

6) Video montage of Jerry “the King” Lawler and Austin Idol

7) Interview with Jerry “the King” Lawler and Austin Idol on their victory over the Roadwarriors and their upcoming National Tag Team Title Match with the Roadwarriors

8) World Championship Challenger Tournament – Finals: 42) Brad Armstrong vs. Jack Brisco; Referee Nick Patrick stops the match for the sake of Brad Armstrong’s health

9) Referee Nick Patrick announces that Brad Armstrong did not to submit to Jack Brisco in the previous match, but that he chose to stop the match out of concern that Armstrong faced permanent injury if the match continued

10) Video montage of and pre-recorded interview with Joe Le Duc regarding King Kong Bundy

11) Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs. Mike Starbuck

12) Post-match interview with Jake “the Snake” Roberts

13) Interview with Jack Brisco regarding Brisco’s refusal to give Brad Armstrong a week to recuperate prior to the finals of the tournament; Brisco says that Armstrong knows that wrestling is a tough sport, and that Brisco’s priority is to win a third word title

14) The Spoiler (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Randy Barber

15) Jesse Barr & Les Thornton vs. Pez Whatley & Tommy Rogers; time-limit draw

16) Show begins with video montage of Jerry “the King” Lawler & Austin Idol

17) Interview with Ric Flair on Flair’s upcoming match with Jack Brisco in Baltimore, MD



1) Interview with NWA World Champion Ric Flair

2) Footage of Roadwarrior Hawk’s interference in the Tim Horner/Brad Armstrong match from the previous week’s show; footage of the World Championship Challenger tournament finals between Jack Brisco and Brad Armstrong

3) Interview with Paul Ellering regarding Bob Armstrong’s potential return

4) The Spoiler (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Joe Turner

5) Interview with Jake “the Snake” Roberts; Solie shows footage of the training regimen of Ronnie Garvin who is preparing to challenge Roberts for the TV title

6) Paul Ellering responds to the video of Garvin; Ellering says there are no wrestlers, including Garvin, who are worthy of stepping into the ring against any member of the Legion of Doom; Ellering shows a video montage of Joe Le Duc

7) Tim Horner, King Kong Bundy, & Ronnie Garvin vs. Roadwarriors & Jake “the Snake” Roberts; DQ

8) Bobby Jarrett vs. The Superstar

9) Interview with the Spoiler; Spoiler says it is only a matter of time before he wins Brad Armstrong’s National Heavyweight Title

10) Bob Roop vs. Jason Walker

11) Ted DiBiase vs. Ron Ellis


4/7/84 & 4/8/84

1) Gorgon Solie and Ole Anderson begin the show by showing footage of Roadwarrior Animal nearly succeeding in winning King Kong Bundy’s $15,000 challenge on 1 April in the Omni, and they show several video scenarios of Tim Horner’s backbridge, and the six-man tag team match involving the Legion of Doom the previous week

2) Roadwarriors (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Dale Veasy & Roger Bond

3) Interview with Ernie Ladd; Ladd says that he will face any challenger, including the Legion of Doom and King Kong Bundy

4) Interview with the Spoiler regarding him exposing Sweet Brown Sugar; Spoiler warns the Masked Superstar that he will be unmasked, and he pledges to win the National Heavyweight Title

5) Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs. Mike Starbuck

6) Interview with Les Thornton


4/14/84 & 4/15/84

1) Show begins with footage of Ronnie Garvin’s World TV Title victory over Jake “the Snake” Roberts on 7 April; Solie shows footage of Ric Flair’s victory of Jack Brisco; Ole Anderson shows footage of him talking with fans at the Baltimore Civic Center

2) Interview with Jake “the Snake” Roberts regarding is TV Title loss to Ronnie Garvin

3) Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Pat Rose & Mike Starbuck

4) Post-match interview with Jack & Jerry Brisco regarding their recent NWA World Tag Team title victory

5) Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs vs. ??? (footage from Southeastern Wrestling)

6) Pre-recorded interview with Arn Anderson regarding his philosophy change; Arn says that even Ole is getting upset; Arn calls Ole “pigface” and says that, perhaps, he is the last Anderson left

7) Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs. Roger Bond

8) Footage of Les Thornton vs. Tim Horner



1) Interview with Paul Ellering regarding Arn Anderson’s recent comments directed toward Ole Anderson; Solie shows the videotaped comments from Arn; Ellering shows a video montage of the Roadwarriors

2) The Spoiler vs. Mike Jackson

3) Roadwarriors vs. Bob Brown & Steve Brenson

4) Interview with Ric Flair; Flair brings out two women with him to the broadcast booth

5) Mike Starbuck vs. Brad Armstrong; Flair provides ringside commentary with Solie

6) Video montage of Jake “the Snake” Roberts

7) Footage of Ted Dibiase vs. Larry Walker

8) Interview with Les Thornton regarding the various new challengers to his World Jr. Heavyweight Title; Thornton shows footage of his match against Tommy Rogers

9) Ric Flair vs. Tommy Rogers



1) Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Starbuck (DiBiase’s return to Georgia Championship Wrestling)

2) Interview altercation between Ric Flair and Ronnie Garvin; Flair responds to Garvin’s suggestion that the women with Flair the previous week were not there of their own accord, but were hired; Flair is held back by Ole Anderson and Garvin is held back by Brad Armstrong

3) The Spoiler (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Roger Bond

4) Roadwarriors vs. Jason Walker & Bob Brown

5) Interview with Ric Flair regarding his previous altercation with Ronnie Garvin

6) Les Thornton vs. Mike Starbuck

7) Crusher Blackwell vs. ???

8) Ric Flair vs. Tim Turner



1) Show begins with comments regarding Gary Jester, the Baltimore and New Jersey NWA promoter, regarding an upcoming 17-city spectacular nation-wide NWA tour

2) Footage of Brad Armstrong regaining the National Title from the Spoiler, and Ted Dibiase’s and the Spoiler’s subsequent attack on Brad and Bob Armstrong, followed by a post-match, locker room interview with Brad Armstrong

3) Bob Roop vs. Junkyard Dog

4) The Spoiler & Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Jackson & Steve Brenson

5) Video montage of King Konga

6) Interview with Ron Garvin regarding the coming of King Konga

7) Interview with Paul Ellering & Jake “the Snake” Roberts; Ellering addresses alleged tensions within the Legion of Doom

8) Roadwarriors vs. Dale Veasy & Sam Houston

9) The Superstar vs. Joe Turner

10) Jake “the Snake” Roberts (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Jason Walker; Roberts challenges Ole Anderson to come to the ring; Ole charges the ring, and as the Roadwarriors attempt to attack Ole Anderson, Ronnie Garvin & King Konga come to Ole’s aid

11) Interview with Junkyard Dog on his victory over Bob Roop

12) Interview with Les Thornton regarding the differences between the American and English styles of wrestling

13) Nikolai Volkoff vs. Joe Savoli (ring announcer is Jim Ross)

14) Crusher Blackwell vs. Dale Veasy

15) Interview with King Kong Bundy and King Konga; Bundy says the he and Konga are going on tour and will put an end to the Legion of Doom|


1) Freddie Miller substitutes for Gordon Solie this week; Ole Anderson announces that the Masked Superstar and King Kong Bundy had won the National Tag Team Titles from the Roadwarriors on 6 May

2) Pre-recorded interview with the Junkyard Dog regarding his participation in the 17-city tour; footage of Butch Reed vs. Josh Stroud; Paul Ellering interrupts Miller and Ole Anderson to announce that he is recruiting Exotic Adrian Street for the Legion of Doom

3) Nikolai Volkoff vs. Jason Walker

4) PWI Press Conference with the Roadwarriors

5) Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs. Tim Horner; DQ – Roberts tossed Horner over the top rope following Roadwarrior Hawks’ attempt to attack Horner

5) King Konga vs. Bob Brown

6) Locker-room interview with the Roadwarriors and Paul Ellering following their National Tag Team Title loss to the Masked Superstar & King Kong Bundy

7) Tully Blanchard vs. Mike Jackson (end not shown)




1) Nikolai Volkoff vs. Joe Turner

2) Video montage of King Konga

3) Video featurette of the upcoming 17-city nation-wide tour, and video footage of several stars of Georgia Championship Wrestling who will participate in the tour

4) Roadwarriors vs. Roger Bond & Jason Walker

5) Interview with Jake “the Snake” Roberts

6) Interview with the Spoiler; the Spoiler’s interview is interrupted by Ted DiBiase who responds to insinuations that he will not wrestle on Georgia Championship Wrestling because he is scared; DiBiase says he wants Brad Armstrong and the National Heavyweight Title; DiBiase is attacked by Armstrong, and Sweet Brown Sugar comes to assist Armstrong to prevent interference from the Spoiler

7) Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Jake “the Snake” Roberts; DQ – The Roadwarriors storm the ring and attack Sugar; Brad Armstrong, Tim Horner, and Ronnie Garvin come to the aid of Sugar

8) Les Thornton vs. Ronnie Garvin; DQ – Jake “the Snake” Roberts attacked Ronnie Garvin

9) Roadwarrior Hawk (w/ Paul Ellering & Animal) vs. Joe Turner

10) PWI Press Conference with Jake “the Snake” Roberts

11) The Spoiler (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Roger Bond

12) Nikolai Volkoff vs. Dale Veasy



6/2/84 & 6/3/84
JYD vs Randy Barber
Road Warriors vs. Steve Starr & Roger Bond

Angle with Brad Armstrong & Nikolai Volkoff leading to…
Nikolai Volkoff vs. Brad Armstrong
Ric Flair promo
Barry Windham vs. Goldenboy Gray (from Florida with Flair on commentary)
Tully Blanchard vs. Jason Walker
Ric Flair/Ronnie Garvin angle
Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Jackson
JYD vs. Bob Owens
Spoiler vs. Steve Brinson
Jake Roberts vs. Jason Walker
Ric Flair promo



Harley Race vs. Greg Brown
Ric Flair/Ron Garvin confrontation

Nikolai Volkoff vs. Tomn Cooper
Ron Garvin/Paul Ellering confrontation
Jake Roberts vs. Ron Garvin
Ted DiBiase vs. Tommy Rogers

Harley Race/Wahoo McDaniel confrontation

Zambouie Express vs. Roger Bond & ??? Garner

Bill Apter interviews the Spoiler
Road Warriors vs. Dale Veazy & Snake Brown
Ted DiBiase vs. Tom Cooper


Ric Flair promo
Nikolai Volkoff vs. Greg Brown
Zambouie Express vs. Roger Bond & Steve Stark
Ric Flair vs. Ronnie Garvin for the TV Title (Yes, Ole booked the NWA Champion to challenge for the TV Title)
Kamala vs. the Cobra (from Memphis)

Road Warriors vs. Maurice Cooper & Mike Starbuck
Ric Flair/Ole Anderson promo
Ted DiBiase vs. Greg Brown
Road Warriors promo
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Roger Bond
Ted DiBiase promo


Spoiler vs. Dave Dillenger
Ric Flair promo
Steve Travis vs. Greg Brown

Kamala squash (from Mid-Atlantic)
Nikolai Volkoff vs. Bob Brown
Michael Hayes promo
Road Warriors vs. Mike Jackson & Randy Barber

Paul Ellering promo
Jimmy Valiant (squash from Mid Atlantic)
Dusty Rhodes video
Masked Superstar vs. Dale Veazy
The Spoiler vs. Roger Bond
Jake Roberts promo
Michael Hayes promo
Assassins squash (from Mid Atlantic)
Assassin vs. Ole Anderson
Masked Superstar promo


6/24/84 (NWA Superstar Series)

Jerry Oates vs. Bob Brown
Kamala vs. King Konga
Jake Roberts vs. Ronnie Garvin for the TV Title
Masked Superstar vs. the Spoiler


Jake Roberts vs. Randy Barber (Roberts is jumped by Ron Garvin)
Masked Superstar vs. Steve Star
Road Warriors vs. Greg Brown & Mike Starbuck
Spoiler promo
Jake Poberts promo
Spoiler vs. David Dillenger


8/4/84 (This is after Black Saturday)

This is the debut of "Championship Wrestling from Georgia" on Saturday MORNINGS at 7:35a.m.
Jimmy Valiant vs. Bobby Bass
Assassins vs. Keith Larson & Joe Bonnello
Junk Yard Dog promo
Pez Whatley vs. Randy Barber
Bob Roop vs. Vinny Valentino
Tully Blanchard vs. Sam Houston
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Barry Orton
Jerry Oats vs. Gary Royal
Road Warriors vs. Larry Hamilton & Steve Brinson


INT – Ole Anderson

Tim Horner vs. Doug Vines

(NWA Champ) Ric Flair vs. Randy Barber

INT – Brad Armstrong

INT – Ronnie Garvin

Tully Blanchard vs. Mark Fleming

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Sam Houston

Brian Adias vs. Jeff Sword

Buzz Sawyer vs. Keith Larson

(World Tag Champs) Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle vs. Vinny Valentino & Bret Hart (Horowitz) (Renegade and Youngblood run in)

INT – Bob Roop & Ted Dibiase

Pez Whatley, Angelo Mosca Jr & Jimmy Valiant vs. Doug Vines, Ben Alexander & Paul Kelly



1) Gordon Solie begins the show with NWA President Bob Geigel concerning the upcoming NWA shows throughout the region

2) Interview with Ted DiBiase and Paul Ellering concerning the injuries to Bob Armstrong at the hands of DiBiase; DiBiase challenges Bob Armstrong to confront him face to face

3) Tully Blanchard vs. Dale Veasy

4) Promo interview with Harley Race on an upcoming cage match on 11 October 1984 in Baltimore, MD against NWA Champion Ric Flair; Race pledges to win the World Title for an eighth time

5) Video comments from Tony Atlas concerning is upcoming return to Atlanta, GA

6) Interview with Bill Apter on the return of the PWI Press Conference segment

7) Harley Race vs. Bob Owens

8) Roadwarriors vs. Greg Brown & Snake Brown

9) Interview with Paul Ellering and the Roadwarriors on the Roadwarriors being the AWA World Tag Team Champions

10) Paul Ellering challenges Brad Armstrong to an impromptu match; after Ellering lures Armstrong in the ring, DiBiase attacks Armstrong; Ron Garvin comes to the aid of Armstrong; Bob Roop comes to assist DiBiase and Ellering; Bob Armstrong enters the ring and fends of DiBiase and Ellering

11) Hollywood Blondes: Rip Rogers & Tim Oates (w/ Brenda Britton) vs. Mike Jackson & Jason Walker



1) Interview with Fred Ward, the second Vice President of the NWA, and President Bob Geigel on upcoming NWA super-spectaculars

2) Randy Barber & “Crazy” Luke Graham vs. Jerry Oates & Ronnie Garvin

3) Interview with President Bob Geigel on the upcoming World Title Cage match between Ric Flair and Harley Race

4) Hollywood Blondes (/w Brenda Britton) vs. Mike Jackson & Greg Brown

5) Tim Horner vs. Ted Allen

6) Ted DiBiase vs. Bob Owens

7) Interview with the Hollywood Blondes in which the pledge to win the National Tag Team Titles

8) Harley Race vs. Dale Veasy

9) Bob Roop vs. Jason Walker

10) Interview with NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard in which he says he would welcome a challenge-unification match with National TV Champion Ron Garvin



1) Gordon Solie & Ole Anderson (with promoter Gary Jester) discuss the fans mailing in "Dream Match" request. Today is Ole's BIRTHDAY!

2) Brad Armstrong vs. Mike Jackson

3) Ted Dibiase vs. Jim Horton

4) Ron Garvin & Brad Armstrong promo. Garvin challenges DiBiase to a match

5) Boris Zurkoff vs. Maurice Cooper

6) Bob Armstrong promo. he challenges Ted Dibiase to a strap match

7) Alabama Champ Porkchop Cash vs. Jason Walker (Bob Armstrong is on commentary)

8) Tully Blanchard vs. Ted Allen

9) Ivan Koloff promo

10) Hollywood Blondes vs. Dale veasey & Frank Lang

11) National TV Champ Bob Roop vs. Ted Nall

12) Interview with Ted DiBiase. DiBiase says he will wrestle Ronnie Garvin next week.



1) Gordon Solie & Ole Anderson discuss the fact that Dibiase has "no showed" this week.

2) Ronnie Garvin & Jerry Oates vs. Itallion Stallion & Tim Horton

3) Interview with National TV Champion Bob Roop and National Champion Ted DiBiase in which they respond to suggestions from Gordon Solie and Ole Anderson that he is “ducking” Ron Garvin

4) Tully Blanchard vs. Maurice Cooper

5) Interview with Ronnie Garvin saying he will wrestle Ted Dibiase anytime

6) Brad Armstrong vs. Dale Veasey

7) Interview with Tully Blanchard regarding his $10,000 challenge to all wrestlers, including new National TV Champion Bob Roop

8) Interview with Bob Armstrong & Alabama Champion Porkchop Cash on Armstrong’s strap-match challenge to Ted DiBiase

9) Ivan Koloff vs. Mike Jackson

10) Interview with newly crowned National Tag Team Champions the Hollywood Blondes

11) Videotaped message from Tommy Rich on his reinstatement to Georgia Championship Wrestling and his pledge to gain revenge on Ted DiBiase

12) Replay of videotaped message from Tony Atlas on his return to Atlanta, GA

13) Hollywood Blondes (w/ Brenda Britton) vs. Ted Allen & Rocky King

14) Tim Horner vs. Jason Walker

15) Ron Garvin attacks Ted DiBiase; fight erupts into an impromptu melee as Jerry Oates, Bob Roop, the Hollywood Blondes, etc., all enter the fight



1) Ronnie Garvin vs. Steve Miller

2) Bob Armstrong cuts a promo on the beach challenging Ted DiBiase to a Canadian Lumberjack Match (lumberjack match with straps)
3) Bob Roop vs. Greg Brown for the TV Title

4) Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle w/Nikita vs. Pat Garrett & Steve Brinson (from Mid-Atlantic)

4) Replay from last week of Garvin jumping DiBiase

5) Tommy Rich music video

6) Rip Rogers & Ted Oates vs. Dale Veazy & Jim Horton7) Footage of NWA World Title Match from Tokyo, Japan: Harley Race vs. Champion: Ric Flair; Gordon Solie notes that the decision was reversed after the match, however, because Race illegally used a human battering ram off the top rope

8) Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs. Ted Allen & Don Sanders

9) Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Barber

10) Ted BiBiase & Bob Roop promo - Ronnie Garvin jumps DiBi




1) Interview confrontation with Brad Armstrong and Jimmy Hart

2) Johnny Horton & Rocky King vs. The New York Assassins

3) Wahoo McDaniels vs. Jason Walker

4) Interview with Jimmy Hart and the New York Assassins regarding Ole Anderson and Thurnderbolt Patterson; Hart pledges to send Anderson & Patterson back into retirement

5) Rufus R. Jones vs. Mike Starbuck

6) The Nightmares vs. Mike Jackson & Italian Stallion

7) Video montage on Jerry “the King” Lawler

8) The Hollywood Blondes (w/Brenda Britton) vs. Frank Lang & Roger Bond

9) Interview with Bob Roop on his ordered title match with Jerry “the King” Lawler

10) National TV Title Match: Jerry “the King” Lawler vs. Champion: Bob Roop; DQ – Lawler is attacked by the “First Family”, but Steve Constance, Brad Armstrong, & Tommy Rich come to Lawler’s aid|



1) Jimmy Valiant vs. Dale Bernett

2) Interview with Jimmy Hart regarding the attack on him by Ole Anderson & Thunderbolt Patterson; Solie promises to play footage of the attack

3) The Hollywood Blondes (w/ Brenda Britton) vs. Frank Lang & Ted Allen

4) Interview with Jimmy Hart in which Hart pledges to get revenge on Anderson & Patterson; Hart says he will not use the Assassins or the Nightmares, but that he will bring in two mystery men to deal with Anderson and Patterson

5) Interview confrontation between Ox Baker and martials arts champion Ron Slinker; Slinker offers an open contract to face Ox Baker

6) “Iron” Mike Sharpe vs. Mike Starbuck

7) Long Riders: Scott & Bill Irwin vs. Iceman Parsons & Jim Hawg|


1) Interview with Jimmy Hart on the coming of the Terminators

2) Interview with the Long Riders on winning the National Tag Team Title Tournament

3) Hollywood Blondes (w/ Brenda Britton) vs. Lee Ramsey & Mike Jackson

4) Interview with Ox Baker regarding his hunt for Ron Garvin & Jerry Lawler

5) “Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Mike Starbuck

6) Interview with Bob Roop on his feud with Tommy Rich

7) Interview with Jimmy Hart and the original Assassin on being hired to protect Hart; Hart shows a video montage of the Dirty White Boys

8) Bob Owens vs. The Assassin

9) National TV Title Match: Tommy Rich vs. Champion: Bob Roop; DQ – Rich is attacked by “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert, & Ron Richie comes to the aid of Rich

10) Long Riders vs. Roger Bond & Dale Bernett



1) Interview with Jimmy Hart on his “surprise” today for Ole Anderson, Thurnderbolt Patterson, & Tommy Rich

2) Dirty White Boys: Len Denton & Tony Anthony vs. Frank Lang & Carl Smith

3) Tommy Rich (w/ Abdullah the Butcher) vs. George South

4) Long Riders vs. Mark Hill & Italian Stallion

5) Interview with the Long Riders on “running” Brad Armstrong out of Georgia; the Long Riders show video footage of a post-match attack by the Long Riders on Armstrong and Tommy Rich

6) Interview with Tommy Rich on his recruitment of Abdullah the Butcher to help him in his war with Hart’s “First Family” and the Long Riders

7) Interview altercation between Ron Garvin & Ox Baker; Garvin invites Baker to come to the ring, but Baker walks away

8) National TV Title Match: Terry Ellis vs. Champion: Bob Roop

9) Jimmy Hart unveils his “surprise,” the arrival of the Terminators; Hart says he brought in the Terminators because the New York Assassins and King Kong Bundy could not get the job done

10) Terminators vs. Mike Starbuck & Mike Jackson

11) Interview with Bob Roop on how he and the “First Family” are making Christmas miserable for Tommy Rich, Jerry Lawler, Ole Anderson, Thunderbolt Patterson, and Brad Armstrong


12/15/84 (JIP)

1) Interview with Ole Anderson & Thunderbolt Patterson on their war with Jimmy Hart

2) Terminators vs. David Johnson & Ken Raeper

3) Dirty White Boys vs. Jerry Bryant & Keith Eric

4) Ric Flair joins Ole Anderson to offer commentary on the NWA tag team scene and on footage from several of the top tag teams (Thunderbolt Patterson joins Anderson & Flair for commentary), including Dusty Rhodes & Manny Fernendez and the Roadwarriors; After commenting on the tag team matches, Ric Flair states that he is not a tag-team wrestler, but that he will take on all challengers to his World Title; Ole Anderson states that both he and Thunderbolt Patterson would like a shot at the title; Flair welcomes the prospect of wrestling Anderson & Patterson

5) Ron Garvin vs. ??? (Ox Baker on commentary)

6) Wahoo McDaniels vs. Gene Ligon

7) Interview with Ron Garvin on being hunted by Bob Roop, Ox Baker, and Wahoo McDaniels

8) Long Riders vs. John King & Keith Eric

9) Interview with the Long Riders on putting Brad Armstrong out of wrestling; the Riders show a video clip of them dominating a tag team opponent

10) NWA World TV Title Match: Champion: Tully Blanchard vs. Mike Davis

11) National TV Title Match: Terry Ellis vs. Champion: Bob Roop



1) Frank Lang & Gerald Findley vs. The Terminators

2) Dirty White Boys vs. Mike Jackson & Maurice Cooper

3) Interview with the Long Riders in which they show video footage of their post-match attack on Brad Armstrong & Tommy Rich

4) Tommy Rich vs. Dale Bernett; during the match, Ox Baker joins Gordon Solie for ringside commentary

5) Long Riders vs. Mike Starbuck & Darren Smith

6) Interview with Wahoo McDaniels on his feud with Ron Garvin

7) Interview response from Ron Garvin

8) Interview altercation between Jimmy Hart and Ole Anderson

9) National TV Champion: Mark Hill vs. Champion: Bob Roop (freezes during this match)

10) Rip Rogers (w/ Brenda Britton) vs. Terry Ellis

11) Interview with Bob Roop in which he pledges that 1985 will be his year



1) Interview with newly crowned National TV Champion Ron Garvin in which he states that he has agreed to lift the television ban against Ox Baker in order to defend the title against him on today’s show

2) Ron Ritchie & Brian Adias vs. Mike Starbuck & Terry Ellis
3) Interview with Bob Roop regarding his TV title loss and his demand for a rematch

4) Long Riders vs. Mark Hill & Joshua Stroud

5) Post-match interview in which the Long Riders challenge Tommy Rich & Abdullah the Butcher to face them on today’s show

6) Bob Roop vs. Gerald Findley

7) Tommy Rich accepts the Long Riders’ challenge; Bob Roop interrupts Rich to warn him that he is a wanted man, and that he is making a mistake in accepting the Long Riders’ challenge

8) Ole Anderson & Thunderbolt Patterson vs. Randy Barber & Roger Bond

9) National TV Title Match: Ox Baker vs. Champion: Ron Garvin; Bob Roop accompanies Baker at ringside; when Garvin objects, Tommy Rich comes to ringside to observe Roop

10) When Rich arrives to accept the challenge from the Long Riders, Abdullah the Butcher fails to arrive; Jimmy Hart arrives to show Rich a contract indicating that Abdullah the Butcher has joined the “First Family”; as Rich strangles Hart, Abdullah the Butcher attacks Rich from behind; the attack erupts into a melee involving the Long Riders, Abdullah, Roop, Rich, and Garvin

11) Standby match : Chip Donavan vs. Itallion Stallion



1) Show opens with Jimmy Hart complaining that Abdullah the Butcher had been suspended for his actions the previous week; Solie shows the footage of Abdullah’s attack on Tommy Rich

2) Tommy Rich vs. Bob Roop; winner of this match earns a shot at Garvin’s National TV Title; during the match, the Long Riders come to the ring and rip up Rich’s jacket; while Rich is distracted, Roop rolls him up for the pinfall; following the match, Referee Nick Patrick says that though he had to award the win to Roop, he felt ashamed that Roop would take a win under such circumstances

3) Gerald Findley & Terry Ellis vs. Long Riders; DQ- Tommy Rich, Ole Anderson, Ron Garvin & Thurnderbolt Patterson attack the Long Riders



1) Int – Ronnie Garvin, who is interrupted by Bob Roop.

2) Tommy Rich vs. George South
3) Ron Starr vs. Gerald Findley

4) Int - Tommy Rich challenges Roop for a shot at the TV Title.

5) Long Riders v. Mike Jackson & Jason Walker

6) Int – Thunderbolt Patterson & Ole Anderson

7) Ron Garvin v. Ron Starr (Bobb Roop runs in and attacks Garvin)

8) Int – Ox Baker, who calls out Ron Garvin, saying that he’s going to shave him bald. Garvin immediately comes back out and slaps Ox across the face! The twoproceed to brawl in the ring, with Garvin taking a pair of scissors and CUTTING OX’S MOUSTACHE!)

9) Doug Somers v. Mike Starbuck

10) Int – The Long Riders

11) Int – Bob Roop & Ron Starr. Roop assigns Starr the task of putting Ron Garvin out of wrestling.

12) Brian Adidas & Ron Ritchie vs. Ted Allen & Chick Donovan


2/23/85 (JIP)

1) Post-match interview with Mr. JR, Scott Irwin, and Kareem Muhammed on their hunt for the National Tag Team Titles; Mr. JR promises that Sigfried will gorilla press Ole Anderson over his head

2) Replay of interview with Ivan & Nikita Koloff from previous week’s show

3) Ron Garvin vs. Chip Donavan; Ron Starr joins Gordon Solie for commentary, and he poses with Garvin’s National Heavyweight Title Belt; Garvin leaves the ring to confront Starr, and he is attacked by Bob Roop and Ron Starr; Starr holds Garvin while Roop cuts Garvin’s hair

4) Devil Blue vs. Terry Ellis

5) Interview with Rip Rogers regarding his attack on Ron Richie and the humiliation of Tommy Rich

6) Interview with Bob Roop and Ron Starr; Roop responds to the challenge from Dick Slater and invites Slater to bring Dusty Rhodes with him

7) Ron Starr & Bob Roop vs. George South & Henry Mills



1) Interview with Ole Anderson & Thunderbolt Patterson regarding the various challenges from Mr. JR’s stable

2) Ric Flair vs. ??? Hines; Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie for commentary

3) Rich’s commentary is interrupted by Rip Rogers; the altercation erupts into a shoving match after Brenda Britton slaps Rich

4) George South vs. Rip Rogers

5) Post-match interview with Rip Rogers; Rogers challenges Tommy Rich to a television match if there is enough time on the broadcast

6) Devil Blue vs. Dave Fields

7) Interview confrontation between Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff; Mr. JR arrives to announce that Koloff as aligned himself with Mr. JR’s stable; Ole Anderson says he has a surprise too, and he brings out Gene Anderson

8) Interview with Mr. JR, Scott Irwin, and Kareem Muhammed on the upcoming brass knuckles match with Anderson and Patterson

10) Sigfried vs. Terry Ellis & Mark Hill (handicap match)

11) National TV Title Match : Italian Stallion vs. Champion: Bob Roop; DQ – Roop was disqualified for having a foreign object; Stallion is attacked by Roop and Kareem Muhammed; Thunderbolt Patterson comes to the aid of Stallion

12) Interview with Ron Starr, Scott Irwin, Bob Roop and Ivan Koloff; Koloff affirms that he has aligned with Mr. JR’s stable against the Andersons and Patterson

13) Ivan Koloff vs. Randy Barber

14) Interview with Tommy Rich in which Rich accepts any challenge from Rip Rogers



1) Interview with Mr. JR; Mr. JR says that his stable will constantly hunt down the Andersons and Thunderbolt Patterson

2) Interview with Rip Rogers on Tommy Rich’s “failure to accept his challenge” last week

3) National TV Title Match : Randy Barber vs. Champion: Bob Roop

4) Thunderbolt Patterson vs. Greg Stone

5) Interview with Scott Irwin and Kareem Muhammed on their war with Anderson and Patterson; Mr. JR challenges Ron Garvin to defend the National Title against Sigfried on today’s show

6) Sigfried vs. David Fields

7) Ivan Koloff vs. Henry Mills

8) Interview with the Gene & Ole Anderson and Thunderbolt Patterson on the return of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew

9) Devil Blue vs. Ron Garvin; DQ – Garvin is attacked by Ron Starr when Garvin attempts to de-mask the Blue Devil; Garvin is aided by Paul Diamond and the Italian Stallion

10) Interview with Bob Roop in which Roop says that Thunderbolt Patterson has to surround himself by the Andersons because he cannot do anything by himself; Ron Starr says that Ron Garvin is ducking him

11) Kareem Muhammed vs. Brickhouse Brown

12) Avenger vs. Mark Hill

13) Tommy Rich vs. Rip Rogers; DQ – Rogers disqualified due to the interference of Brenda Britton; prior to the match, Rogers attempts to avoid wrestling Rich, but Rich drags Rogers to the ring to force the match



Rip Rogers promo
Rip Rogers vs. George South – after the match Rip spray paints South’s hair and Tommy Rich saves.
Itallian Stallion & Thunderbolt Patterson vs. Chick Donavan & Maurice Cooper
Ronnie Garvin & Tommy Rich promo
Bob Roop vs. Paul Garner
Krusher Khruschev promo
Mr. JR promo – Ole comes out and has a surprise for him… the return of Buzz Sawyer
Ron Starr vs. Paul Diamond
Mr. JR, Kareem Muhammed & Scott Irwin promo
Tommy Rich promo
Ric Flair vs. Chick Donovan (Tommy Rich on commentary)
Tommy Rich vs. Henry Mills – Rip Rogers jumps Rich and paints his hair
Bob Roop promo
Ron Starr promo
Buzz & Brett Sawyer vs. Doug Sommers & Greg Stone
Tommy Rich promo
Brett & Buzz Sawyer promo



Tony Schavonie is now hosting
Magnum TA video
Magnum TA vs. George South
Ron Garvin vs. Joel Deaton
Jimmy Valiant promo
Dusty Rhodes promo
Ric Flair promo
Tully Blanchard & Baby Doll video
Manny Fernandez video
Jimmy Valiant vs. Doug Vines
Tully Blanchard & Baby Doll promo
Ole Anderson promo re: Arn Anderson
Arn Anderson vs. Lee Ramsey – Arn "breaks" the jobber’s Arn. Manny Fernandez tries to save and gets beat up too. Magnum TA promo
Tully Blanchard vs. Gene Ligon
Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Valiant, Tommy Rich & T-Bolt promo


4/6/85 (This was the final morning show on "Championship Wrestling from Georgia" before Jim Crockett Promotions debut Saturday Night)

1) Tommy Rich, Jimmy Valiant & Thunderbolt Patterson vs. Mark Hill, Greg Stone & Joel Deaton

2) Magnum TA promo

3) Bob Roop vs. Josh Stroud (match not shown)
Footage of Ric Flair vs. Chic Donovan from weeks ago. (Dusty Rhodes on commentary)

5) Magnum TA vs. Mike Barber

6) Footage on Arn Anderson vs Gene Ligon (Ole on commentary. T-Bolt comes out and Ole tells him that Arn is his family he better watch out the next time he sees him!) This is OLE's HEEL TURN!

7) Dusty Rhodes promo

8) Tully Blanchard vs. George South

9) Paul Jones w/ The Barbarian promo

10) Buzz Sawyer vs. Joel Deaton
11) Tommy Rich & Jimmy Valiant promo