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The most comprehensive Wrestling DVD Collection on the net!

MIXED Promotion Set  (9 Discs)

WWF/Georgia (12/26/79)

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WWF/Georgia/Florida (January 1980) 

Ivan Putski/Tito Santana vs. Davey O'Hannon/Buford

Tony Atlas vs. Kevin Hughes

Eddie Mansfield vs. Steve Travis

Koloff/Smirnoff vs. Koko Ware/Chick Donovan

Bruiser Brody vs. Terry Latham

Mike Graham vs. Randy Rose

Dusty Rhodes vs. Mike Hammer/"Grappler"

Tommy Rich/Wahoo McDaniel vs. Carl Fergie/Monroe

Abdullah vs. Roger Howell

Austin Idol vs. Jerry King

Confro: Austin Idol vs. Tommy Rich

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mr. X

Confro: Mr. Wrestling ii vs. Masked Superstar

Tony Atlas vs. Tony Perkins

Rich/Sullivan vs. Idol/Roger Howell

Masked Superstar vs. Chick Donovan

Pat Patterson vs. Jose Estrada

Austin Idol vs. Bob Owens

Don Serrano/Mike Miller vs. Leroy Brown/Bugsy McGraw

Super Destroyer vs. Carl Fergie

Bubb Douglas vs. Luis Astea



WWF/Georgia/Florida (1/26/80 – 2/2/80)

Georgia 1/26/80 - 56 mins

-Mr. Wrestling II interview with clips of a match against Charlie Fulton. Also talks about his upcoming match against The Superstar

-Kevin Sullivan/Steve Travis interview

-Terry Funk interview. Hilarious! Terry calls Dusty an egg-sucking dog and a picture is shown of Terry putting Dusty into a headlock during a match and he continues to insult him with fat jokes

1. The Collector vs. Tommy Rich

-Tommy Rich interview

-Austin Idol/The Superstar interview

2. Austin Idol/The Superstar vs. Mr. Wrestling II/Kevin Sullivan

-Kevin Sullivan/Mr. Wrestling II/Steve Travis interview. Funny as Sullivan tells Austin that the devil makes him do what he does. If only I could tell Sullivan what gimmick he'd be doing in eight years...

3. Steve Travis vs. Bob Owens

-Ray Candies/Tony Atlas interview

-Ivan Koloff/Alex Smirnoff interview

4. Ivan Koloff/Alex Smirnoff vs. Marvin Turner/Bill Drumow (Koloff/Smirnoff finish Turner off when Smirnoff picks him up in suplex fashion and then drops him stomach first on Koloff's knee. Nasty)

-Lars Anderson interview

-The Superstar still talking about how he's going to whip Mr. Wrestling II's ass.

5. The Superstar vs. Bob Simms

-Austin Idol interview

-Kevin Sullivan interview

6. Kevin Sullivan vs. Charlie Fulton

WWF - 26 mins

-Ken Patera interview. Clips of a match between him and Backlund, where Patera throws Backlund into the referee, claiming that it was Backlund's fault.

-Pat Patterson interview

-Bob Backlund interview

1. Davey O'Bannon/Jerry Estrada vs. Tito Santana/Ivan Putski (c.) (WWF World Tag Team Titles)

2. Rene Goulet vs. Johnny Rod

Georgia/Florida - 24 mins

-The Superstar interview talking about how Mr. Wrestling II never broke the dreaded cobra hold.

-Mr. Wrestling II interview. Clips of The Superstar ripping off Mr. Wrestling II's mask.

1. Gary Young vs. Harley Race

2. Jack Poor vs. Bugsy McGraw (c.) (Georgia TV Title)

-Bugsy McGraw/Oliver Humperdink interview

-Clips of The Superstar getting beat by Uvalde Slim (Dusty Rhodes in a mask)

3. Nikolai Volkoff vs. Don Serrano

WWF - 5 mins

-Ken Patera/Grand Wizard interview

-Pat Patterson interview

Florida - 7 mins

-Johnny Valiant interview

1. Ernie Ladd vs. Mike Miller

WWF - 6 mins

1. Ken Patera vs. Fred Marcino


WWF/Georgia (February 1980)

WWF(2/16/80) - 37 mins

1. Jose Estrada vs. Tony Atlas

-Ken Patera/Grand Wizard interview

-Pat Patterson interview

2. Wild Samoans vs. Dominic DeNucci/???

-Emotional interview with Bruno Sammartino concerning Zybyzko amongst other things

-Bob Backlund interview

-Bobby Duncum/Lou Albano interview with clips of a previous bout between Duncum/Backlund

Georgia(2/16/80) - 1 hour 14 mins

Tommy Rich interview with clips of Rich singing the contract to wrestle Race for the NWA Heavyweight Title

-Baron Von Raschke interview. This guy's gimmick was hilarious. Fear the claw!

1. Baron Von Raschke vs. Marvin Turner

-Lars Anderson interview

-Terry Funk interview. Fantastic! Boy, he hates Dusty, and I love him for it! Clips are also shown of Rhodes vs. Funk from their 2/80 Omni match. Also clips are shown of the Funks standing on top of a truck from Double Cross Ranch, and he goes on and on about Rhodes' fatness. LOL!

2. Terry Funk vs. Gerald Finley

-Terry Funk interview

-Briscos interview

3. Tommy Rich vs. Dutch Mantel (Dutch has less back hair here)

4. Abdullah The Butcher vs. Ricky Craven (Boy, could Abby move back in the day)

-Clips of Abdullah vs. Atlas. Atlas just totally *dominates* Abdullah in these clips with nasty chops, kicks, and mongolian chops. Looks like a really hot match, just wish that they'd show the whole thing.

-Mr. Wrestling II interview

-Austin Idol interview with clips of him vs. Sullivan at the Omni.

5. Dutch Mantel/Bobby Garrett vs. Steve Travis/Kevin Sullivan


INT - Superstar Billy Graham

INT - Dusty Rhodes


Georgia/WWF/Florida (3/22/80 - 4/5/80)

Harley Race vs. Rick Martel (Australia)

Joyce Grable/Vivian St. John vs. Cindy Majors/Winona Little Heart

Tony Atlas/Kevin Sullivan vs. Jim Nelson/Bob Garrett

Leroy Brown/Don Muraco/Nikolai Volkoff vs. Hector Guerrero/Reggie Parks/Luis Astea

Frank Monte vs. Bugsy Mcgraw

INT - Bruno Sammartino

Harley Race vs. Frank Dusek

Bubba Douglas/Lone Eagle vs. Mike Miller/Billy The Kid

Samoans vs. King/Williams

Bob Duncum vs. Jose Estrada

Denucci/Goulet vs. Sicluna/Frank Savage

Garea/Zbyszko/Denucci vs. Sicluna/Stasiak/Butcher Vachon

Mil Mascaras vs. Butcher Vachon

Harley Race vs. Jim Garvin


Florida/Georgia/WWF (4/26/80 – 5/3/80)

Georgia 4/26/80 1 hour 18 mins

1. Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Genichiro Tenryu

-Harley Race interview

-Austin Idol interview

-Stan Stasiak interview. I think that this may be his return to Georgia

1. Chick Donovan vs. Stan Stasiak

-Chief Jay Strongbow interview

-Ivan Koloff/Alexis Smirnoff interview

-Clips of Tony Atlas/Kevin Sullivan working out. Pretty cool. Even has the music of Rocky playing in the background as they train and run together. Funny spot with Atlas doing pushups and then a bunch of kids sit on him. Great stuff!

2. Ivan Koloff/Alexis Smirnoff vs. Tony Atlas/Kevin Sullivan (c.) (Georgia World Tag Team Titles. Really wild ending when Ralph Hunter, the Russians manager, puts alcohol in a cloth and then puts it over Tony Atlas' face and then the Russians get the pin. Great match!)

-Solie talks to the crowd about what they think/saw about the Russians putting ether on that cloth to smother Atlas

3. Bruiser Bob Sweetan/The Angel vs. Lars Anderson/Chief Jay Strongbow

-Buddy Rogers interview with him showing everyone how to properly lock on the figure-four. Very cool

4. Jack Brisco vs. Austin Idol (With Lars doing commentary)

-Austin Idol interview

-Mr. Wrestling II interview

-Clips of when Jay Strongbow was jumped by Ernie Ladd. The referee makes Strongbow wake Ladd up after putting him into the sleeper. After a few tries, Ladd awakens and beats Jay with his shoe. He then takes Jay's head dress, rips it up, and then rubs it in his face.

-Jay Strongbow interview

-Tommy Rich interview

-Baron Von Raschke interview

Florida - 13 mins

-Oliver Humperdink/Nikolai Volkoff interview with clips of Nikolai Volkoff vs. Steve Keirn in a Russian Chain Match

1. Manny Fernandez vs. Raul Matt

WWF - 5 mins

-Vince talks about upcoming cards

-Bob Backlund interview

-Freddie Blassie interview

-Ken Patera interview

Florida - 16 mins

1. Bad Bad Leroy Brown The Baddest Man In The Whole Damn Town vs. Don Moore

2. Ernie Ladd vs. Ted Marshall (Ladd is monstrous)

3. Barry Windham/Reggie Parks vs. Don Muraco/Mr. Saito

Georgia - 4 mins

-Highlights are shown again of Brisco vs. Idol


-Vince talks about upcoming cards

-Ken Patera interview

-Bob Backlund interview

-Freddie Blassie interview


WWF/Georgia/Florida (August - Sept. 1980)

Barry Windham vs. Bill White

Dick Slater vs. Tommy Yates

Int Dick Slater

Int Lord Alfred Hayes

Jerry Brisco vs. Alexis Smirnoff

Int Tony Garea

Int Lou Albano and Samoans

Int Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes vs. Ivan Koloff (clip)

Int Dusty wins Humperdink for a month. Funny stuff.

Dick Murdoch/Bugsy McGraw vs. Raul Mata/Geoff Portz

Bobo Brazil/Bubba Douglas vs. Assassins (short clip)

Tony Atlas vs. Souvanna Sousa

Int Zbyszko

Int Backlund

Int Sgt. Slaughter and Grand Wizard

Georgia 9/27/80

Int Freebirds Looks to be their Georgia debut!!

Freebirds vs. Tim Horner/Jerry Roberts

Int Mr. Saito

Mr. Saito vs. Jack Lakin

Harley Race vs. Gary Young

Int Dick Slater

Int Harley Race

Freebirds vs. Zane Hickey/Mike Davis

Austin Idol vs. Charley Fulton

Harley Race vs. Frank Dusek

Tony Atlas vs. Black Demon

Int Lou Albano and Samoans

Int Backlund

Scicluna vs. Tony Garea

Samoans vs. Johnny Rodz/Jose Estrada

Int Hulk Hogan and Freddie Blassie

Int Backlund


WWF/Georgia (November 1980)

No Listing




WWF/Georgia/Florida (Dec. 1980 – Jan. 1981)

WWF - 7 mins

-Vince gives announcements of upcoming cards

-Bob Backlund interview with him talking about his upcoming match against Stan Hansen

-Stan Hansen interview. Yes, as you can predict, it's great!

-Pedro Morales interview

-SD Jones interview

Georgia 1/81 - 37 mins

-Clips of Ole Anderson jumping Tony Atlas

1. Tony Atlas vs. Ole Anderson (JIP)

-Ole Anderson talking smack on Atlas

2. Russian Assassin vs. Tony Atlas (Unmasks the Assassin to reveal Alexis Smirnoff)

-Mr. Wrestling II interview

-Fabulous Freebirds interview

-Mongolian Stomper interview with clips of a match with him against Mr. Wrestling II

-Tony Atlas interview

-Dusty Rhodes interview. His standing against a white background, and his hair is the exact same color and you can only see Dusty's face. Scary

-Ole Anderson interview still being grumpy with Atlas

3. Kevin Sullivan (c.) vs. Steve Keirn (Georgia TV Title. Sullivan looks to be in the best shape of his life here)

-Harley Race interview

WWF - 39 mins

-Bob Backlund interview

-Stan Hansen interview. HAH! He's great. Calls everyone, "Stupid Yankees."

-Rick Martel/Tony Garea interview

1. Rick McGraw/Jim Duggan vs. The Moondogs (Boy, does Duggan looks REALLY young here)

2. Ron Shaw vs. Tony Atlas

-Hulk Hogan interview. Classic

3. Jose Estrada/Baron Miguel vs. Rick Martel/Tony Garea (c.) (WWF World Tag Team Titles)

4. Johnny Rodz vs. SD Jones

Florida - 16 mins

-"Rooster" Humperdink interview wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Hah!

1. Bobby Jaggers/RT Tyler vs. Mike Davis/Billy Whitecloud

-Jaggers/Tyler interview

-Fantastic clip of Rhodes getting jumped by Dory Funk, Jr, and then clips of their match against each other the same night

WWF - 5 mins

-Lou Albano interview

-Bob Backlund interview

-Freddie Blassie interview

Florida - 20 mins

-Lord Alfred Hayes/Baron Von Raschke interview. Hayes just gives a killer dialogue here. Clips also shown of the Baron putting Rhodes in the claw

-Steve Keirn interview


1. Kevin Sullivan vs. Bobby Garrett

-Kevin Sullivan interview

-Stan Stasiak interview

-Lars Anderson interview

2. Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mr. X